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If you follow The GG on the reg, it’s probably pretty clear that I’m an avid Annmarie Gianni Skin Care junkie! If you’ve never heard of the brand, check out my overview here, to see what they’re all about. You can also find some more in-depth product reviews here.

My obsession began in early 2010 when I came across a review on Naturalnews.com while searching for natural ways to prevent Breast Cancer (shortly after my first diagnosis). And… Annmarie’s products have been a longtime favorite of mine, ever since.

In addition to the quality of the ingredients, product performance, + tip-top 5-star customer service, one of the things I love most about the line is their totally unique + fruity scents! Which you + I both know… is super-hard to come by when it comes to natural brands. Keep in mind that they do make some very herbal smelling products, which can often be a turn-off for me with any brand, but almost all of what’s listed below is on the fresh + fruity side.

One thing I want to mention is that Annmarie Gianni is one of the very few brands out there, that I totally trust – across the board. Meaning, I’m pretty comfortable recommending the entire line to someone right off the bat. This kind of trust has taken years (yes, I have trust issues with beauty brands), but I’m also pretty confident that I won’t have to worry about ANY iffy ingredients when they come out with new products down the line either. I think that says a lot, + you won’t seen an endorsement from me like this often. Let me tell you why…

I’ve tried every single product they’ve sold, + I’ve definitely put them to the test as far as ingredient sourcing questions, packaging concerns, comments on product performance (even when I wasn’t a fan of something), etc. – and, you know what? They’ve handled all of it with an incredible amount of knowledge,  gratitude + grace. This is more than I can say for many other brands I’ve encountered over the years. At the end of the day… like you, I’m still a (very picky) customer first, before I’m a blogger. And, they’ve always treated me that way.

I remember when Annmarie Gianni Skin Care first launched – it said “love” in their ingredient lists. They’ve since upgraded those lists to follow INCI standards, + but have now added a little ♥ on the box flap of their newly redesigned packaging to reflect that. And, I love it, because it’s easy to tell that it really means something.

They also have one of the most informative brand blogs out there, so you might want to check that out. They’ve always gone through the extra trouble to explain things in a way that my readers + I could easily understand, + truly care to know how they could make their line better – from our perspective (both yours + mine).  And, for that – I am forever grateful. I really hope you give her products a chance.

My Top Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Picks

  1. Aloe Herb Facial Cleanser – a pH-balanced, aloe vera-based cream cleanser that’s  good for all skin types, + infused with healing herbs + a light blend of natural oils to keep skin naturally hydrated. On their website, they claim that it gently removes makeup, and while I haven’t had much luck with getting my liquid liner + mascara off with this, I still truly love it! I use it most in the mornings, or on days where I’m not wearing makeup by massaging it on damp skin + wiping it away with a warm washcloth. I’ve found it’s the perfect cleanser for when my skin just needs a break from everything else. It smells super-fresh (could smell this all day!), gently cleanses without drying out my skin, or leaving any residue behind. For an exfoliating boost, I’ve also added some Dead Sea Facial Scrub (currently discontinued) + other powdered scrubs I’ve had laying around to it too. I really like it best by itself though. If you have more oily / combo skin – try their Citrus Mint Cleanser. At different times I’ve used + liked both, but tend to do better with the Aloe-Herb since my skin leans more towards the drier side recently.
  2. Dead Sea Facial Scrub + Mask – (sadly, this is temporarily discontinued) but I had to mention it because it’s hands-down, one of my absolute FAVES out of the line, + definitly one of my go-to products on a regular basis. I’m going to be lost without it, but luckily I have a few jars back-stocked. ;) Always planning ahead here for an emergency like this. Lol. So, can we just discuss how much I loooooove the fact that this is both a pre-mixed scrub + a mask? A two-fer. The grit (siliceous earth) has the perfect amount of polishing power + the Dead Sea Mud detoxifies + remineralizes as you leave it on. Good for all skin types except Sensitive Skin. And, sometimes if I’m feeling fancy, I even mix this with a bit of the Coconut Honey Mask if I’m trying to slough-off some dead, dry skin – but don’t want the mask to dry completely. A definite must-have for me, so I really hope they bring it back ASAP!
  3. Coconut Honey Mask – There is probably no other mask that I’ve used that’s ever replenished my skin quite like this one has… especially in the dead of winter, or after a tad too much sun. Or, just anytime really. I don’t even need an excuse… I always have it one hand! It’s loaded with live enzymes, vitamins, amino acids + auric acid to soothes + soften sensitive skin. I apply this regularly on damp skin + remove with a warm washcloth. This is the best for when I want to mask, but don’t really feel like getting dirty. Or, before a big event, when I’ve already done a lot of clay masking in the days prior, + want to avoid redness, or just want perfectly primed enough skin for a super-smooth makeup application. I’ve also even used this on burns by covering it with a bandage, + had amazing results!
  4. The Facial Serums (all of them!) – Let’s be real. I haven’t met an Annmarie Gianni Serum that I didn’t like! To be honest, after trying so many natural, oil-based serums I started to think they were all alike… just another fancy name for facial oils because most of the time – I really couldn’t tell the difference. These are different though. They’re aloe-based, so they’re not greasy, + I love that, because they’re perfect under moisturizer + makeup! My first love out of the 3 they currently offer was the Anti-Aging Serum, but somehow, I continuously fall harder for each new one that comes out, + never fall out of love with any of them. The Anti-Aging one contains active nutrients that are good for all skin types, but primarily focuses on hydrating, firming + tightening the appearance of aging skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, while buddleja davidii + edelweiss protect skin from environmental stressors, + life everlasting flowers soothe + refresh. So, it’s good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. I like this one when my skin is really dry. My second love was the Citrus Stem Cell Serum – (formerly, their Repair Serum). I had a lot of luck with this at one point when I had some dark acne marks on my chin that wouldn’t go away. Formulated with uva ursi, licorice root + alma berry, this one is good for all skin types, + focuses on toning, firming + brightening the look of dull, lackluster skin. My most recent obsession though + their latest addition to the line is the Wild Fruit Serum Brightening Facial Complex! Personally, I think this one is the best match for my skin currently (but, I think I say that each time a new one of these come out. Lol. Whatever). They don’t call this the Ultimate Skin Elixir for nothin’ though – it’s a highly concentrated dose of fruit, herb + plant-cell extracts that’s been super-effective for me, + smells absolutely out-of-this-world! I literally want to drink it + bathe in it all at the same time! The dynamic blend of Kakadu plum + apple helps revive dull skin, while resveratrol-rich knotweed, plant-cell extracts + copper combine to help keep skin moist, plump + supple for an overall even-toned, luminous glow. And, it’s good for all skin types – especially for skin that needs a little extra love! In my opinion… this one’s like the best of both worlds for me – so, if I had to pick just one – this one’s definitely worth the splurge! I apply a few pumps on clean, damp skin + blend it in right before applying my moisturizer + my makeup!
  5. Anti-Againg Facial Oil – If you’re into facial oils, you have to check this one out! It’s packed with amazing, antioxidant-rich seed oils, like: chia, goji berry, + broccoli (yep! broccoli!) – all of which deliver some pretty intense moisture (awesome for dry skin in the winter)! On their website they mention that it also helps firm + tighten, while reducing the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles. In my case, I’m really using it for wrinkle prevention + to help with dry skin – so I cant make any claims about that. It’s doing what I need it to do. My favorite way to use this is definitely to pair it with the Anti-Aging Serum for a supple + dewey look! However, if you want to wear it under your makeup, go a little lighter on the oil application. First I apply the serum on damp skin, then I apply a teeny pump of oil. I love the way this smells too!
  6. Neroli Toning Mist – a delicate, hydrating infusion of aloe vera + neroli oil, which smells like sweet, orange-blossoms. So pretty! I spritz this on after I wash my face to help enhance the absorption of my facial serums, oils, moisturizers, etc. I also use this prior to applying my foundation, or even my facial masks. Pretty much almost everything goes on better when applied to damp skin. Highly recommend!
  7. Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Generally, I have sensitivity issues with most eye creams, or any types of oil near my eyes, including most makeup removers. So, I’m incredibly cautious when it comes to choosing one to pamper my peepers. From the get-go of searching for natural eye creams, this has been a staple for me. Antioxidant-rich green tea + goji berries in the formula can help reduce the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles (over time), while cucumber extract + eyebright temporarily ease puffiness. I use this mainly at night, but am also able to use it under my makeup in the morning too, without any issues – if I feel like I need it.  ​​
  8. Essential Oil Blends – Since the aromatherapy benefits are one of the strong points of the line, it totally made sense to me when they came out with these essential oil blends! I’m so excited, because now, I can use these scents in my home through an essential oil diffuser, in my own DIY Beauty recipes, as a body mist, in a bath, etc. They’re not your typical run of the mill essential oil blends either… they’re really different than any other essential oil blends I’ve ever experienced… + I cannot get enough of them! I really love them all, but my faves are: LOVE – Sweet jasmine + classic rose are balanced by sandalwood + frankincense, PASSION – Earthy, grounding notes of vetiver, buddha wood, rose + sandalwood, VIBRANCE – light + vibrant romantic florals + lively notes of citrus, + CALM – Spruce oil + florals, tied together with frankincense. GROUNDED – is nice too, but a little too woodsy for me (it smells like Church – Lol. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing). I also love that you can buy these as an entire set too. Plus, you can also try out a mini Sample Set to start!

Get A Sample Kit!

Get a Sample Kit (Normal, Oily or Dry Skin) for $10 + FREE SHIPPING – anywhere in the world, + receive a $10.00 OFF Coupon that you can use on a future purchase! Also included: their Skin Detox Guide ($24.95 value) – a 21 Day Plan with recipes, exercises, affirmations, + tips from Annmarie Skin Care’s in house esthetician. Plus… the first 25 orders get a FREE travel-size Neroli Toning Mist ($7.95 value)!

Grab your Sample Kit here!

Have you ever tried anything from Annmarie Gianni?
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