THANK YOU 10,000 Facebook Fans!

10000 Facebook Fans

Today I hit a HUGE Milestone!

A goal that I’ve had since the day I started this Blog.

It’s not about the numbers though, really. It’s about spreading the message, + me finding purpose in a Breast Cancer diagnosis in my early 30’s (twice!!), when my “adult” life was only beginning. It’s also not necessarily about the beauty products, per se either. It’s about the fact that what we put IN + ON our bodies is one of the things we CAN actually control when it comes to preventing Cancer.

As I try to fathom what all this means… I still can’t believe this many people actually read what I write. That’s just crazy to me. Lol. In all honesty, I always thought I’d be the only one reading my blog. Ok… maybe my Mom too. But, I started this blog for me, as much as I did for you… to keep myself on track + make sure that I didn’t make any emergency runs to the MAC counter, when things got tough (because I knew I’d have to rat myself out!). And, of course – because I wanted to help others who were in the same sitch. There weren’t many clean, green beauty blogs back when I started writing The GG (circa, 2010). 

So, Thank You!

THANK YOU to ALL of my Friends, Family + Facebook Fans who have shared my blog posts, always supported me, + “Liked” The Glamorganic Goddess Facebook Page! THANKS for always being there, reading what I write + helping me spread my message!

Love you guys! You’re the best!


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