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My FAVE Flax Seeds are FiProFLAX, from Health From The Sun!

FiProFLAX is USDA Organic, cold-milled (pre-ground) + is a FAB source of Fiber, Protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids + Lignans. It comes in a vacuum-sealed bag that I store in the freezer to help keep it fresh, + then add it to my Smoothies, Oatmeal, Salads or Yogurt, but you can really add it to almost anything… it’s pretty mild, which I love.

Years ago, when I was diagnosed with hormone-positive (ER+ / PR+) Breast Cancer, one of my doctors recommended that I try adding 2-4 Tbsps. twice a day (of this specific brand!) to my diet to help keep my hormones in check. And it really helped so much! 

Stephanie, over at Bubble + Bee Organic has also written a lot about the direct benefits that Flax Seeds can have on your skin – especially, when it comes to Estrogen Dominance + Hormonal Acne, as well as Cancer, Inflammation, PMS, Cycle Regulation, etc. Read her article here! 

This is something that’s truly been a MAJOR game-changer for me, + really drives the point home that skin (+ so many other health issues) can be able to be influenced by what we put IN our bodies, not just what we put ON them. Plus, it’s a rather inexpensive way to make a BIG difference. So, I hope someone searching for some answers finds this helpful!

Have you ever tried these? Let us know in the comments below! ♥️🥤✨

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