REVIEW | Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Description: Priti Soy Polish Remover Wipes are 100% Readily Biodegradable. It is non-toxic and not carcinogenic. It is derived from farm crops, does not contain any petroleum ingredients + arrives packaged in a Biodegradable Priti NYC Muslim Bag, which includes a total of 10 nail polish remover wipes. The luxury remover is soy and corn based (derived from organic farm crops), and is infused with coconut, soybean esters, and essential lemongrass oils. That’s it. No acetone, no petroleum- and it really works! In addition, Priti Soy Nail Polish remover leaves hands and nails feeling moisturized and nourished with a sweet citrus scent.
Ingredients: Natural Soybean Esters (Methyl Soyate), Biodegradable Dibasic Esters (Dymethyl Adipate, Dimethyl Glutarate) + Infused with Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon Flexuosus).
$ 9.99
10 count
Packaging: Individually Wrapped
Sample Size: Not available, but I wish you could buy 
The GG’s Opinion: These convenient little remover wipes are perfect for girls on the go like me! I’m notorious for doing my nails right before I walk out the door,  just ask my friends :) These snazzy, sort of oil-y little wonders are perfect for travel, fixing mistakes, smudges on last minute mani / pedi’s. What I love most about these is that they are sans the typical hazardous fumes + chemicals in this type of product + can be used with all brands. Nail Polish Remover is one of those products where there are no ‘healthy’ versions (like Hair Dye, Nail Polish, Sunless Tanner, etc)… just the least toxic ones… and I always look for the lesser of the two evils. So with that said, I think it’s pretty cool that these have been approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency and can be shipped via mail without ORMD Labels. If I had to choose between bottle or wipes, I’d probably go for the bottle… more bang for your buck, less packaging, etc. But then again, it’s hard to travel with a bottle. Past experience using conventional wipes- I’ve had to use several. They’re usually too dry + too thin. Ugh! Not the case with these though. I was surprised that they held as much product as they did + only needed one for both hands. Yippie! I’ve also heard that many ‘natural’ Removers don’t work. While I can’t speak for all, I think the trick with this one is in the method of application. I found that if you let it sit on your nail for about 15- 20 seconds + then swipe it away… Poof! Before you know it, it’s all gone! No cheating though. Count Mississippi’s or say an affirmation on each nail, or something IDK. Lol. All in all- yes, it’s a little extra effort… but I’d rather that than Cancer, wouldn’t you? I would definitely buy these again, they’re a LOVE! Thanks Kim + Priti NYC! xo.

Buy it at: PritiNYC.com
♥ Use Promo Code ‘pritinycfashionweek’ at Checkout to Receive 20% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER! 

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