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I first came across KITSCH when I was looking for some cute, comfy & breathable 100% Cotton Face Masks that I could wear everyday – and I’ve completely fallen in love with the brand ever since! FYI: they make THE BEST (& most affordable) Face Masks, BTW! So… of course, I was over the moon when they sent me their Luxury Satin Sleep Set (in Leopard)! Which includes their super-soft, Go-To Nighttime Essentials – great for your hair & skin, and are designed with Beauty Sleep in mind!


KITSCH is a Self-Financed, Female Owned Global Accessory Brand that began with a Business Plan no longer than a Paragraph in 2010 – and, was built on nothing but Positivity, & pure, Hard Work! They’ve since grown from Door-to-Door Sales, to Selling Products in over 27 Countries, & 20,000 Retail Locations Worldwide! Talk about #girlboss #goals!

KITSCH Satin Sleep Sets

  • Reduce Frizz
  • Prevent Hair Breakage
  • Keep Skin Hydrated
  • Easy on your Lashes & Brows
  • Plus – I mean, who doesn’t want to elevate their Beauty Sleep, right?!

Sleep Sets Include:

These gorgeous 3-Piece Sets come in the following colors: Blush, Ivory, Silver, Black, Leopard, & Blush Tie Dye. And, they also have King Size Pillow Cases too – but I don’t think they don’t come in the Sets yet, as far as I know.

  • Satin Standard Pillowcase (26″ x 20″)
  • Satin Eye Mask
  • Satin Sleep Scrunchie.

My Review

No joke… this is THE softest Pillowcase I’ve ever slept on in my entire life! I cannot recommend it enough! Not only does it make my skin feel great, but it doesn’t seem to soak up anything I slather on before bed either – which is really FAB. Also, no more creases on my face in the morning when I wake up… you know, from those nights when you just totally crash out, & O.D. on Beauty Sleep? And, I also find I  have significantly less frizz, & Bed-Head as well. So, it actually extends the life of my hair between shampoos, too – which is pretty cool! One nice little detail that I was surprised by, was that it has a zipper! Totally unexpected! Some of the other brands I’ve tried where open on one end (like a normal pillowcase), and my pillow would constantly slide around in it. This one fits perfectly, and keeps my pillow perfectly fluffed too!

The Sleep Mask is amazing, love the adjustable slide on the band. I kind of wish the Satin on the back-side of it either matched the Leopard on the front (or was a Blush color) though, instead of the the darker Tan that is (FYI: see it in my IG Stories). It’s still pretty though. It feels so soothing on your skin, is great for when you wanna sleep in total darkness, and looks cute too! Also love, love, love the, pink, glittery tag detailing on both the Sleep Mask & the Pillowcase. So GLAM! 

And, last but not least – the Sleep Scrunchie! I know KITSCH is known for their Hair Accessories, but I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the stretchiness & overall comfort of it, especially after trying so many others out there. They usually just come apart at the seams, fray, or loose elasticity over time. But, I don’t see that happening to this though. It also has the perfect amount of tension in it too, which was surprising, & is something I’m super-picky about! The best part though – is that my hair doesn’t crease from using it, because of the Satin! Total win-win for me!

Aside from all that though, I’ve been totally blown away by the overall quality & feel… of not only this Sleep Set, but everything I’ve tried so far from KITSCH!  Believe they hype – their Cotton Face Masks really are the best around! And, now that I’ve tried these too – I’m definitely a huge fan of the brand, & am already looking for my next fix! Haha! What’s great is that I actually look forward to using these each night! Especially the Pillowcase! OMG! Just do yourself a favor & treat yourself to one! It’s so worth it, I promise. It just feels EXTRA. And, I love that about it.

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Have you ever tried anything from KITSCH? What are your Faves?
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