REVIEW | Bubble + Bee Organic Pit Putty Deodorant Cream Sampler Pack

Description: Chemical-free natural deodorant that works! The power of ‘Pit Putty in a convenient cream! ‘Pit Putty’s all-natural formula doesn’t clog pores, irritate skin, or contain any of those nasty chemicals in store-bought deodorants. ‘Pit Putty deodorizes instantly. You can be stinkin’ up a storm–put on the Putty–BAM. It’s gone. ‘Pit Putty uses powerful essential oils to prevent bacteria from growing. It doesn’t kill the bacteria that is already there, so apply immediately after drying off from your shower for optimal results. Plus, make sure you smell fresh by doing a sniff test before you even leave the shower. Arrowroot powder helps absorb perspiration, all-day protection, vegan, no animal testing, gluten-free, no synthetic chemicals or estrogen mimickers. Plus, all of Bubble + Bee Organic’s deodorants come with a special replacement guarantee!
Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, aluminum-free baking soda, organic essential oils and/or extracts.
$ 23.94
Six .25 oz. Sample Jars in Geranium-Lime, Jasmint, Lemon+ Clove, Lemongrass, Spearmint + Tea-Tree + Super ‘Pit Putty Cream.
Packaging: No fancy retail-ready packaging, just a simple ingredient sticker. 
Sample Size: Yes, they sell these individually too :)
The GG’s Opinion: I was a HUGE ‘Pit Putty fan from the very get-go when first trying natural + organic products. Luckily, Bubble + Bee Organic Deodorant was one of the first products I found! Jackpot, right? The only thing I hated about my ‘Pit Putty Stick… was that it would crumble + would leave a slight white powder residue on my dark clothes. Lucky for me (+ you)… these completely solve that problem! ‘Pit Putty Creams are easy to apply – spreadable (like soft butter) and go on clear! I only need a pea-sized amount + am good to go for the day. Aside from the FAB ingredients, I’ve found that Cream Deodorants are actually much healthier than using a stick for a few reasons… 1. That you are actually giving yourself a Lymphatic Massage while applying it. 2. That you are checking your Lymph Nodes under your arms for Lumps at the same time (which is often forgotten about during Breast Self-Exams) + 3. You are Deodorizing :) The scents of these are amazing and all work really well for me…  which might be also be due to my ‘cleaner’ diet. My favorites out of the bunch are the Lemongrass, Jasmint + Geranium-Lime (my usual B + B fave). The Lemon-Clove was a like. I wanted to love it so badly (and I do, just not on my body… felt like I smelled like a Christmas Ham, Lol). The Spearmint + Tea Tree and the Super ‘Pit Putty Cream both worked well for me, but they just weren’t my thing. That’s why I heart when companies offer a sample pack like this. I’ve been using these for several months now + still have some left. I even appreciate the scents I wasn’t crazy about… because they work! Just having the option to use different ones on different days according to my needs is awesome. So yes! I LOVED them all,  just not equally ;) I also wish at least the full sizes had retail labeling / packaging, especially since Bubble + Bee’s packaging is one of my absolute favorites! These are by far, my go-to deodorants + the best truly natural + organic Deodorants I’ve tried yet (+ I’ve tried a lot). Highly recommend these especially for Breast Cancer Survivors + of course everyone else too! You should know that their Customer Service is outstanding + Deodorant is their thing! They have an excellent return policy + will help you until you find the right one that works with your body’s chemistry. If you’re having issues switching over from Anti-perspirant (blocks sweat glands + stops sweat all together) to Deodorant (allows your body to sweat out toxins, but deodorizes) check here for some really helpful Tips! Thanks Stephanie + Bubble + Bee… You’ve outdone yourself with this these! xo.


 ♥ Buy it at: Bubble+Bee.com
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  • Reply
    August 13, 2013 at 1:51 am

    I just found your blog. Thank you for making this. My mother pasted away 2 years ago of breast cancer. It made me reconsider everything i use. I’m slowly getting “organic”. Just wanted to tell you I really appreciate your blog, and I was having a hard time deciding which bubble & bee deodorant to get. I was swaying toward the cream, but you have sold me. lol now to decide on the scent.. Oi! lol. it seems like its between Geranium Lime and Jasmint… Would you say the scent is strong?
    Thanks again! <3

    • Reply
      August 13, 2013 at 1:42 pm

      Hey Marilee!

      Aww… THANK YOU!

      For me, it’s a toss up between the two… I really heart both!

      I wouldn’t say they’re very strong smelling, but just enough to do the trick!

      Keep me posted girl!

      Danielle :)
      The GG

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