REVIEW | Bubble + Bee Organic Body + Deodorant Design-A-Spray

Bubble and Bee Organic Design-a-Spray Review

To find a girly natural or organic Body Spray / Deodorant Spray.
Brand: Bubble & Bee Organic
Product: Design-A-Spray.
Description: Deodorant spray, room spray, body spray or air freshener. Create your own custom blends with your favorite fragrances.
Ingredients: Quadruple-distilled grain spirits (water, ethanol), organic and natural essential oils, organic and natural extracts, and additives of your choice.

Price: $11.85

Size: 3 oz.

Texture: Clear, Liquid / Spray.

Scent: For me… fruity & girly (but any scent you want because it’s made especially for you)!

Visual Attractiveness: Blah! :( LOVE the packaging on all their other products though! Stevie B needs to hook this product up!

How Much I Needed: Just a few spritzes.

How Long I’ve Used It: For about a year.

Where to Find: Bubble & Bee Organic

Sample Sizes: No, but they should!

Acquired: Purchased with my own $. 

Customer Service: They have THE best Customer Service! Stephanie is sooooo helpful!

Loved: That it’s custom & I can make my own scent!

Hated: That there’s no professional (adorable) labeling like the rest of their products… I love that “Bubble” Bee!

The GG’s Final Thoughts: I have Raspberry-Coconut-Vanilla Design-A-Spray and I absolutely LOVE it! For the longest time I’ve been dying to figure out a way to help rub in my Geranium Lime ‘Pit Putty Deodorant… but it always stung when I sprayed this directly on my under arms after shaving! Yowch! After TONS of trial, error & arm-pits of fire, I recently discovered (don’t ask me how) that if 1. I apply my ‘Pit Putty Deodorant directly to my underarms, 2. spray this on my hands FIRST (not under my arms directly) quickly rubbing it around and “airing” them for few seconds prior to applying- that it doesn’t sting one bit and still rubs in the ‘Pit Putty! YAY ! Finally! So that’s my new FAVE way to use it. What’s also FAB is that I can now use this as a deodorant alone if I wanted to… especially when I’m in a hurry. Sprays are just so much easier sometimes, you know? This is the first truly natural Body Spray I’ve found and tried so far. It’s a LOVE! The scent stays on for awhile, but as with most natural scents… it doesn’t last all day. I expected that though. I have to admit that I haven’t used it as a Room Spray yet and don’t think I have any future plans to… it’s a tad expensive for that, but it’s nice to know that I can if I wanted to. Gotta love things that have multiple uses! All in all, this is just my kind of product… where my options are endless AND safe! Lol. Thanks Bubble & Bee! xo :)

♥ Buy it at: Bubble+Bee.com


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