REVIEW: LEAF SHAVE Gold Dermaplaner Kit

Leaf Shave Dermaplaner Kit

The Leaf Shave Dermaplaner Kit is a beautiful, zero-waste at-home dermaplaning facial razor system – for removing peach fuzz, maintaining brows, + exfoliating skin, for better permeability of skincare products… with an eco-friendly footprint! Made for anyone currently using plastic, or disposable at-home dermaplaners or facial shavers. I got it in Gold, since I already had the Gold Leaf Shave Super Bundle (with the Pivoting Razor Head), and I wanted them to match. FYI: Incase you don’t want the kit, you can also just get the Dermaplaner tool by itself, too! The Leaf Shave Dermaplaner Kit includes:

  • Dermaplaner Tool – Gorgeous All-Metal Handle, with proprietary Blade-Guard Technology. Comes in Tons of Pretty Colors – I was torn between the Gold + Rose Gold (which was out-of-stock when I got mine). I also like the Prism one too!
  • Dermaplaner Refills – 2 Blades + 2 Blade-Guards + 1 Precision Clip (shortens the blade exposure for detail work). Affordable All-Metal, Recyclable Blade Refills – Less than $1 each! FYI: these can be used with any Safety Razor Blades, not just their brand, which is great!
  • Dermaplaner Stand – Holds it either Horizontally or Vertically.
  • Dermaplaner Refill Pack – 10 Blades + 10 Blade-Guards.

Leaf Shave Dermaplaner Kit Review

All in all, while this is a really high-quality, beautiful skincare tool, I have a serious love / hate relationship with it. And, I love that it’s an earth-friendly (plastic-free), and very affordable solution to something I use all the time.

However, there’s a BIG learning curve with this – even for someone who has been dermaplaning at-home for a long time. It’s sharp AF (like, I cannot stress that enough)! So, I definitely don’t recommend using it right before a big event (until you get used to it). While I definitely get the smoothest skin ever when I use it – I end up cutting the sh*t out of myself almost every time (so far, anyway)! The more I use it, the better I’m getting with it though! And, it works so much better than the plastic ones!

Downside: it’s something I really only use at home since it’s a little heavy to travel with, in my opinion. I’m also not quite used to the weight of it in my hand, since I’ve use the plastic ones for so many years. But that’s getting better with time, as is almost everything else. The blades can be a little bit of a pain to change out, but I’m sure it will get easier the more I do it. I also still have some trouble with using this for detailing, as it’s hard to tell exactly where the tip of the razor is – since there’s no tapered point on the end, which makes it a little bulky for detailing brows.

Huge pet-peeve for me is that it didn’t come with a cover! So, needless to say, I would have preferred that the silicone cover was included with the kit (instead of the stand). Many of us keep our dermaplaners in our makeup bags with all our brushes.

As for replacing the blades – they say you need to replace them every 1-3 uses, or at least once a month. I’ve had mine for a few months now, and haven’t had to change it yet (I use it about once a week). BTW, these are the same exact blades that come with all of Leaf’s other Face + Body Razors. So, my theory is: if they can last with shaving your legs a few times, they should last awhile on just small parts of your face, providing you keep them clean. Especially since they are sharp AF! I make sure to wipe down the the blade of mine with alcohol after every single use, and will definitely change it as soon as it feels dull.

A few things I love about Leaf Shave, (besides the quality of their products): they’re zero-waste, carbon neutral, and have plastic-free packaging. They have 60-Day Returns incase you don’t like it. It ships super-fast! And, their products have a Lifetime Warranty!


Have you tried Leaf Shave’s Dermaplaner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
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