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I’m excited to talk about some NEW USDA Organic Laundry Detergents that I recently tried, from an awesome company called – Rebel Green!

Rebel Green is a certified, Woman-Owned business – created by two moms {Ali Florsheim and Melina Marcus} dedicated to producing safe + effective, natural products for your family + your home. But… it ain’t Yo Mamma’s bland + boring, old eco-packaging! Much like me – they believe that we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Poducts that are good for the environment can + should look, just as FAB as conventional ones. So… can we just discuss how adorbes is their packing is? I’m obsessed.

No More Dirty Laundry…

  1. They’re USDA Certified Organic + safe for greywater systems, as well as naturally-occurring groundwater resources + pets!
  2. They’re effective + may work just as well as conventional products {depending on your water}!
  3. Similar price point per load as most conventional synthetic laundry detergents, + priced below other natural household cleaners.
  4. No synthetic fragrances! – made with essential oils + organic fragrance oils. Light, unique scents with a twist {Peppermint/Lemon, Lavender/Grapefruit, Pink Lilac, + of course Unscented}.
  5. Made in the USA – bottles are comprised of 25 percent recycled plastic, + local suppliers are used to reduce the environmental impacts on fuel used to transport.
  6. Variety – Fresh Laundry Detergent –really cleans + is free from harmful chemicals + toxins. Good Sport Wash – designed for high tech performance gear with pure essential oils that are tough on bacteria, sweat + odor, but rinses clean. Delicates Wash – cleans + protects unmentionables + fine fabrics.

 My Experience

So, with the hard water where I live in New Jersey, it’s really tough to find truly natural + organic dish + laundry products that actually get the job done! And, I have to be honest… we haven’t had much luck in either of these areas in comparison to conventional or semi-green cleaning products since we made the switch, but continue to keep trying regardless. I love that there are more + more options coming out each day, especially ones like these that make for a such pleasant experience – both style, scent-wise. With that said though, Rebel Green did WAY better than any of the other USDA Organic Laundry Detergents we’ve ever tried, + many of the other soap berry-based ones we’ve used in the past! So YAY! That’s promising! Therefore, I thought it was worth a mention. Can’t wait to try their Fabric Softeners + other cleaning products next! Keep you posted!

Available At…

Have you ever tried these? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Reply
    sarita coren
    March 5, 2017 at 7:46 am

    WOW! Danielle, it’s such a relief to hear you’re struggling to find a good natural laundry detergent sans the toxic chemicals too! We’ve been having the darndest time testing so many lovely looking clean brands with little to no success. I’m going to have to try Rebel Green. What a great name. For now, the best has been Seventh Generation, and they’re not particularly green anymore. :-( Thanks for the heads up about this brand, fellow Jersey Girl!! <3

    • Reply
      March 5, 2017 at 9:59 pm

      Hey Sarita! Yes… I hear you girl! We also really like this one from Biokleen! It’s the best one we’ve tried so far! ❤️

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