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Sometimes, you just need a Spa Day… or, even just a moment where you give yourself a break + say “to Hell with all of it”.  And, that’s what I did yesterday. I cut outta work an hour early, + made an executive decision that I needed to pamper myself. Yep! Neeeeeeded. Haha.

Now, despite what you may think, Beauty Blogging isn’t just all rainbows, unicorns, + slathering on new lipstick shades. It’s technical, tedious + time consuming (lotsa behind the scenes stuff you never see)… and, even we need a little tub-time too sometimes… I mean, without all the pressure of analyzing a product to death. So, to remedy that sitch, I go back to the basics. More beauty + self-care rituals, + less thinking. This was totally random, BTW. Here’s what I did with the time I had…

Facial Steam

Earlier in the day I was making myself a cup of St. Dalfour Organic Strawberry Tea, + accidentally tore a tiny corner of the tea bag as I was opening the package. So, naturally, I decided to use it as a Facial Steam, instead of tossing it! Find out how I do them here.

Facial Exfoliation

After my Facial Steam, I used my trusty combo of Savvy Boheme’s Liquid African Black Soap + Amelia Toasted Coconut + Vanilla Raw Sugar Scrub (2 out of the 3 products in their Facial Trivium Set, used at the same time. More Info about how + why it works here. See my Review, here). By far, one the most rewarding natural skincare rituals I know of, + possibly the best exfoliation ever! Yeah, I said it.

Facial Mask

My fascination with Plantains in my skincare regimen began when I first tried Ora’s Amazing All Purpose Salve, + it hasn’t gone away since! So, anytime I see it in something, I’m immediately intrigued… hence, my recent discovery of the SanRe Organics Plantain Purity Mask. And, OMG! It does not disappoint! I may be speaking too soon, but after just one use, this might have shot right up to the top of my list – alongside Blissoma’s Lavish Loving Recovery Beta-Glucan Mask, + Annmarie Gianni’s Coconut Honey Mask! Woah. I’ll keep you posted.

Body Exfoliation

Last but not least, I hopped into the shower + washed {rather, scrubbed} all my worries away with  every last bit I had of SkinnySkinny’s {now known as Cultivar} Black Coffee Scrub, which is no longer available for sale. Cultivar’s NEW Organic Black Coffee Body Scrub with Ras el Hanout looks slightly different ingredient-wise though, so I’m looking forward to trying that soon!

Have you ever tried any of these? What are your Home Spa Go-To’s?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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