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As a two-time Breast Cancer Survivor – I’m obviously a huge advocate for prevention through a healthy lifestyle! So… I wanted to mention this NEW, amazing online webinar called the SQUARE ONE: Healing Cancer Coaching Program!

Watch The Trailer Here!

If you don’t follow Chris Wark already – he’s a 13 year Chemo-Free, Holistic Cancer Survivor + the brains behind the wildly popular site – Chris Beat Cancer!

For years now (probably since I found out I had Cancer, back in 2009), Chris has been one of my go-to guys for all-things Cancer-related… when I’ve been unable to resolve a health issue, or have had questions about specific natural Cancer protocols. He literally has done a lot of the homework for me, + can back it up with legit research… something many others haven’t been able to do.


The Program

After watching SQUARE ONE recently… I honestly, cannot recommend this program enough! I’ve literally learned so much! And, it was a great brush-up (+ the kick in the ass I really needed), on the stuff I already knew. Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of webinars like this – but this is BY FAR, one of the best Cancer Webinars I’ve come across yet!

His advice is simple, specific, practical + realistic – which is exactly what Cancer Survivors need in the midst of all the chaos they’re already going through!

  • Module 1 | First Things First
  • Module 2 | Why You Have Cancer + How to Eliminate the Causes
  • Module 3 | Implementing the Anti-Cancer Diet
  • Module 4 | The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2
  • Module 5 | How to Detoxify Your Body + Your Environment
  • Module 6 | How to Eliminate Stress + Heal your Heart
  • Module 7 | Spiritual Healing
  • Module 8 | How Exercise + Rest Activate Healing
  • Module 9 | Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas, + Supplements
  • Module 10 | Testing + How to Monitor Your Progress

You’ll Also Get…

  • Exclusive access to the SQUARE ONE Online Support Group on Facebook.
  • A FREE Digital Buddy Pass to the entire program for one of your friends – which I thought was really cool, since lots of Survivors already have so many extra expenses + things to pay for already!
  • 6 live monthly Q + A Sessions with Chris!
  • Access to the Square One Online Support Group, where you can connect with like-minded people going through the same thing.
  • Plus! A portion of your purchase will also help me pay for some of my Cancer expenses too!


Watch for Free!

Watch the ENTIRE COURSE FOR FREE August 14th – 23rd, 2018 HERE! 

Incase you miss it, I highly recommend signing up here for the next FREE Screening here, or… purchasing it here so you can watch it at your own pace, whenever you want. It’s definitely something I refer to from time-to-time, + I learn something new (that I missed the previous time) every time I watch it.

Grab his NEW Book!

Christ Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally 
Have you watched this yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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