DIY Beauty | Natural Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Organic Hot Oil How to for Hair

Lifeless locks? Try this Hot Oil How-To for super soft + shiny hair! A quick root massage with healthy hot oil allows nutrients to strengthen hair, stimulate circulation, reduce loss, encourage growth, restore shine + melt away stress!

What You’ll Need

  • Hot Towel
  • Shower Cap
  • Comb 


  • Treatment Oil
  • Essential Oil (optional)

Choosing an Oil

  • Olive – thick, dry hair, scalp conditions
  • Argan – all hair types, dry hair
  • Jojoba – fine, oily hair
  • Coconut – all hair types, dandruff + flaking
  • Castor – fine, oily hair, scalp infections
  • Sesame – all hair types, thinning hair
  • Avocado – coarse, damaged hair

 Essential Oil Add-ins

  • Normal – Lavender
  • Dry – Peppermint
  • Oily – Lemongrass
  • Damaged – Rosemary 

Rather BUY than DIY?

Try these pre-mixed treats for your tresses 


  • Heat Towel by running under very hot water + wringing, or in the dryer.
  • Make sure Treatment Oil is in a heat-resistant, glass container with a tightly sealed lid
  • Always use the highest quality of fresh, organic ingredients when possible.
  • Most materials + ingredients can be purchased at Mountain Rose Herbs or on Amazon. 


  1. Warm oil in a 2-3 minute hot water bath
  2. Part hair into 4 sections
  3. Apply oil to scalp, gently massaging to evenly distribute
  4. Add remaining oil to the length of hair + ends
  5. Cover with shower cap
  6. Cover shower cap with hot towel for 30 minutes
  7. Wash + repeat as necessary
  8. Condition (optional) + rinse as usual
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    Another lovely tip, thank you. I’m not a frequent user of hot oil hair treatment, but I’m willing to try out your recipes. :D

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