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I’ve been using Bubble & Bee for about 10+ years now, & many of their products are still my Holy Grails! If you follow me, you know there aren’t enough ways I can profess my love for this USDA Organic Certified company! They were one of the first organic personal care brands I came across on my journey into clean beauty, & I continue to purchase their products today! Here’s a list of some of my favorite items, that I use on a daily basis, & kinda can’t live without!

My Bubble & Bee Everyday Essentials! 


In my opinion, nothing compares to the super-hydrating, silky texture of these body washes on my sensitive skin, which is pretty surprising for a liquid castile-based soap. While I love so many others (shout-out to Dr. Bronner’s) they can be really drying sometimes, due to their pH. I also really love Bubble & Bee’s scents! So, this is always my go-to in between checking out other things. My original FAVES were the Fresh Orange & theSqueezed Lime, but my skin has been pretty sensitive since my last few surgeries, so I’ve been sticking with the either the Unscented, or the Lemongrass Rosemary as of late. Since I use them all so much, I tend to get a little bored though… I really wish they’d come out with a few more scents just for some variety, like something Berry or Pomegranate, maybe? Either way, these have stood the test of time for me, and I keep going back! Highly recommend!


Over the years, I’ve tried several different brands of Organic Deodorants, and while I truly enjoyed the scents of some of them – they just didn’t work out for me. They either had an ingredient or two that I wasn’t comfortable using, gave me a rash (read more about that here), or flat-out failed! I also noticed after awhile that almost any formulas that had the addition of Baking Soda would make the areas where I had Surgery on my chest & armpits (Breast Cancer & Axillary Lymph Nodes Removed) really sore for some reason? No idea why, but I’ve tested this theory out multiple times just to be sure, and for me – it was the culprit.

So, I was THRILLED when Bubble & Bee came out with their line of Sensitive Skin Deodorants! It was total game-changer for me! Spearmint & Tea Tree is my ride or die, and, while a Cream Deo isn’t necessarily my ideal form of application, it’s still my go-to for the most part – mainly because of the formula, but, also because of the fact they they haven’t come out with the same scent in their NEW Pit Perfect Sticks yet.

I recently started using their Lemongrass & Tea Tree Pit Perfect Organic Deodorant because it was the closest to my beloved Spearmint & Tea Tree, and I’m loving it so far! These also have silky-smooth application (but in a stick) & don’t leave any white residue, or marks on my shirts or tank tops! It’s definitely what I reach for most, probably because I really miss the ease of use of a conventional stick, and it works well, but I just miss the fresh, cooling combo of Spearmint & Tea Tree to be honest! I considered melting the stick down, & adding in some Spearmint Essential Oil myself, but I didn’t want to ruin it’s consistency. I may experiment with it when I get a little closer to the bottom of the stick, just incase, haha! We’ll see. In the mean time – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll just come out with one, Lol! #prettyplease

One reason why I always knew I could rely on Bubble & Bee for Deodorant was because of their Deodorant Guarantee. Although I never needed to use it, fortunately – it always made me feel a little better knowing that if something didn’t work out, they’d help make it right.

I believe they also have Trial Packs for some of their Deodorants, which can be really helpful to see what works for you in terms of the scent combo! Thank God for those, otherwise I would’ve totally chosen a scent that did not work with my body type at all. What I use now, is something I totally would’ve never chosen for myself, but now I can’t imaging living without these, Lol.


Bubble & Bee has always had one of my favorite Body Butters, not only for their impeccable ingredients, but also for their sweet scent combos! In addition, I really love their whipped consistency & their ability to moistures when applied to damp skin. Stuff like this is hard to find when it comes to organics, so I always jump right on it when they come out with a new one! As with their Shower Gels, I usually go through phases with these as well – depending on the season. My most recent love is their Almond & Coconut, but my Faves are: Raspberry Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, Coconut & Lime, Unscented, and, Sugar & Spice so far. There are still several I haven’t tried yet! But, I think the Peppermint Vanilla might be next up on my list. You can also get little Trial Sizes of these too, & I think they have them for every scent they sell, which is pretty cool. Definitely check them out!


I’ve probably tried hundreds of Lip Balms, & these are another one of Bubble & Bee’s products that I always come back to. Like everything else, Lol – I’m extremely picky about the texture of my Lip Balms. They can’t be too hard, too waxy, too draggy, too sticky, too oily, too melty, too scented, too sweet, etc. And, these are just about the perfect medium for me with all of that. I also always buy a bunch at a time too – so, I have them, as I currently have one in my Wallet, at my Desk, by my Bed & in my Living Room. Houston? I think I have a problem, Lol. Flavor-wise, I’m currently into the Unscented ones (since that’s what I bought for my last surgery & to wear under my Masks), but my Faves are: Raspberry Vanilla, Pomegranate Kiss, Orange, Coconut & Lime, and, Peppermint & Cocoa. There are a bunch of these I haven’t tried yet either, including their NEW Fruit Punch, Caramel Apple, Root Beer, etc. I definitely need to get on it, haha!


I have a love hate relationship with Bubble & Bee’s Lotion Sticks, mainly because I love using them, but I hate how bulky they are in my tiny purse. I always keep them around the house, or in the car though as they’re a multi-purpose product that doubles for Lip Balm, Hand Moisturizer, Frizz Control, etc. In my mind, these are basically bigger Lip Balms (I think the formulas in both may be similar, but not exact – the last time I checked), but they just don’t come in all of the same Flavors / Scents as the Lip Balms. Just like with any moisturizer, these (and, any balms especially) are best when applied to damp skin. Otherwise it might feel like they’re a little too greasy, or aren’t absorbing. So, that’s my tip for the day! Faves are: Pomegranate Kiss, Raspberry Vanilla, Coconut & Lime & the Unscented.


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    November 29, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    Have loved Bubble & Bee ever since the day I discovered here through your blog! All my favs are your favs too! I’ve tried many “natural” deodorants but always come back to Bubble & Bee! I’ll have to check out her Unscented products as I too am sensitive….boo. :(

    • Reply
      November 30, 2022 at 7:20 pm

      Hey Amy! YES! Same! After each of my recent surgeries I’ve used Bubble & Bee’s Unscented stuff, and it worked out really well for me! Hope it helps! 💖

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