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I’ve been using and loving Enviromedica’s products for years, like as in… even when some of their products were under a different name. So, naturally I was excited to work with them, & I wanted to share their incredible story with you!

Enviromedica takes an ancestral approach to modern wellness – an innovative natural health & wellness company, applying science-based evolutionary theory to understand what drives the human body towards (or away from) optimal health. This research is reflected in a full spectrum offering of foundational health products to support the body’s ancestral biology.

Founded to combat the negative impacts of the modern world, Enviromedica’s products reflect symbiotic combinations that occur in nature, utilizing only the purest ingredients from around the world. Enviromedica delivers superior formulations, of the highest quality to help reconnect & align the body with its genetic legacy.

Enviromedica is a family-owned business that was started in 2007 by mother & son – Jared Ramirez (CEO) & Judy Phillips (President). Their recently up-formulated Magnetic Clay Bath was their first product (and one of my faves!), followed by the release of the ever-popular Ancient Minerals line of Topical Magnesium Products. Today, Enviromedica offers products ranging from Magnesium, to the innovative, Terraflora Broad Spectrum Synbiotic (Soil-Based Probiotic + Prebiotic), to encapsulated Pastured Beef Liver, & Detox Clay.

  • 2008 – As a small family startup, the Company hires its first employee, & the Ancient Minerals brand expands outside of Magnesium Oil, to offer Magnesium Bath Flakes, Magnesium Gel, & Magnesium Lotion.
  • 2009 – The first 2,000 sq ft warehouse space is leased, but is quickly outgrown.
  • 2010 – A second space is leased to accommodate an additional 2,200 sq ft!
  • 2011-2014 – The Company experiences massive growth & growing pains! Leading to exploration into one of America’s wellness centers (Austin, Texas) to build an even larger, ground-up facility.
  • 2015 – Enviromedica relocates to Austin, Texas, employs over 25 people & launches a revamped e-commerce platform with enviromedica.com.
  • 2017-2019 – Enviromedica grows to a 40,000 sq ft liquid-fill & solid dose nutraceutical manufacturing facility. Jared & Judy are still at the helm & the company continues to grow. As Enviromedica looks back on their journey, they reflect on what was once a small, alternative niche called “natural wellness” that’s now a huge worldwide lifestyle, & they couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it from the start! Read more about their story here!

Enviromedica represents unmatched quality & their products are recommended by healthcare practitioners around the world. Ancient Minerals & Enviromedica products are manufactured in an ISO22716 Certified, cGMP, FDA registered facility in Austin, Texas, & a certificate of analysis for every manufactured lot is available upon request (which I love!). Each strain in the Terraflora Probiotic Blend is third party DNA-verified to ensure identity of strain, while the Prebiotics are certified Organic, Wild Harvested, & Solvent-Free Extracted. The Pastured Beef Liver, Pastured Cartilage Collagen, Pastured Organ Complex, and Pastured Bone Marrow products are all sourced exclusively from New Zealand – the premiere source for bovine ingredients, due to their strict biosecurity & agricultural laws.

Enviromedica seeks out the purest ingredients inspired by the principles of ancient nutrition & ancestral biology, emphasizing quality & science. Superior ingredients means accurate potency, high bioavailability, & rapid absorption – and, ultimately optimal health! Enviromedica avoids any & all synthetic ingredients, chemicals, parabens, phenoxyethanol, unnatural preservatives, etc. Each ingredient in the Ancient Minerals Topical Products scores a 1 on the EWG Skin Deep Database (the best on their scale of 1-10). You can read more about their ingredient sourcing, here!

Enviromedica employs sustainability practices whenever possible. They use recyclable containers, efficient & minimal shipping & packing supplies, green waste management, FSC certified paper products & printing methods, & are committed to continually growing their efforts & green initiatives company-wide.

Shipping & Returns

Enviromedica ships worldwide & offers FREE Shipping on orders of $49+, within the 48 contiguous states. Anything purchased at Enviromedica online can also be exchanged or refunded within 30 Days. Items must be unopened, unused, & in good condition, unless defective. Check out more of their Shipping & Return details here!

While they don’t offer FREE samples, they do offer a cute little Sample Kit for $15, that includes: 2 different Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oils (Original & Ultra with OptiMSM), 2 different Ancient Minerals Lotions (Ultra with OptiMSM & Goodnight with Melatonin), an Ancient Minerals Gel Ultra, their NEW Mini Bath Flake Bag, as well as a 10-pack of their Terraflora Synbiotic & a 20% OFF Coupon!

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