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Blissoma Holistic Skincare is a clean beauty brand that marries phytochemistry with biology, to organically address the root causes of skin problems, via nature’s most nutritious blossoms, berries, roots and barks in their whole, raw forms. They believe beauty grows from balance, and that authentic curation can match the right plants, with the right people, for the most radiant results.

Blissoma’s roots date back to over 15 years ago, when Founder Julie Longyear was led down the herbal medicine rabbit-hole after debilitating migraines took over her life, at the age of 19 – and, before green beauty and wellness were trendy. What she found, was that prescription drugs seemed to cause more harm than good, so she turned to plant medicine to help rebalance her body. This began a lifelong fascination with the infinitely varied chemistry of botanicals, and the benefits they offer people.

When Julie started having painful, persistent acne problems in her late 20’s – she began to apply her newfound knowledge and passion to help clear up her skin – and, Blissoma’s initial skincare recipes were born! Julie saw that most of the botanical ingredients in products on the market were so processed and stripped of their initial vitality and nutrition, that they were rendered almost totally ineffective, and offered nothing to the end user – except flowery bottles and empty claims. Frustrated, her goal was then to create an authentic, nourishing experience of health, harmony, and the most radiant beauty products – to show the full potential of what plants can do.

The initial Blissoma Skincare Collection took 2 full years of experimentation to devise as the products were completely original, and not based on contract manufacturing stock bases, or sample recipes from ingredient manufacturers. Each came from somewhat of a “beginner’s mind”, in an effort improve complex skin challenges in a holistic way – literally, from the ground up.

The Blissoma Skincare line debuted in 2009, and has enjoyed over 11 years of organic, grassroots growth. The company is still an independently, woman-owned business, and has not compromised any of its ethics in order to expand. In 2015, the brand renovated and moved into a 5,750 square foot building to expand manufacturing, and in 2018–  they purchased they purchased it after several years of hard work!

Today, every single Blissoma product is still made in-house, at this same vertically integrated, solar powered facility, and every day the Blissoma team comes to work with open hearts, ready to challenge the industry norms – and show people the true value in whole plants, and healthy beauty! Read more about their amazing story, here! 

Raw, whole plants are the absolute main focus of each of Blissoma’s products – so, they’re packed with uniquely potent herbs, and super-plants like: pomegranate, ginseng, green coffee, wasabi, licorice and olive leaf, as well as unrefined botanicals that show the true authenticity of their raw ingredients in their range of beautiful, natural scents, and yellow, green, purple, and amber hues.

Blissoma is a Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan brand that creates their own fresh, raw herbal extracts and juices from organically-grown fruits & vegetables. The few things that they can’t create themselves, are carefully selected from extraordinarily clean, like-minded companies.

Blissoma has a “Full Ingredient Disclosure Guarantee” and exceeds the FDA’s labeling requirements by declaring all preservatives (even for individual ingredients), so you can make truly informed decisions about what you’re putting on your body.

Their products are free of: synthetic ingredients and preservatives like carbomers, polysorbates, silicones, glycols, parabens, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, retinoids, intense acids,  neuropeptides, nuts & gluten, etc. because of how they can affect the skin and body, or those with skin allergies. And, their products are preserved with naturally-based antimicrobials like salicylate-rich aspen bark extract, and glyceryl caprylate – that are both better for you, and for the environment than the alternatives. Read more about their Ingredient Sourcing, here.

For the overwhelming majority of their products – Blissoma uses gorgeous white glass bottles & jars to avoid the use of plastic whenever possible. However, they sometimes use an occasional aluminum or plastic bottle (only 2 products, currently) when necessary – to ensure proper product delivery. All of their skincare boxes are also made from FSC Certified Sustainable paperboard, & all of their products are packed and shipped directly from their manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO. See more about their sustainability practices, here.


Blissoma ships worldwide, and offers FREE SHIPPING on US orders $65+, and Canadian orders of $125+.  Get all the details about their Shipping Policy, here.


Products purchased directly from Blissoma (other than Samples, Trial & Travel Sets) may be returned within 30 days of purchase, with original packaging, for a full refund or a credit. Other Beauty Brands sold on their site can also be returned within 30 days – as long as it’s in an unused, re-sellable condition for a full refund, or if opened (50% or more of the product is left) for a store credit. Be sure to checkout their complete Return Policy for all the details, here.

Blissoma offers individual Samples for most of their products, as well Trial Kits that you can purchase on their site. They also have deals on them, as well as other really great Newsletter Subscriber only sales from time-to-time, via their email list as well.

Blissoma also has a Loyalty Points Program, where you can get 5 points for every $1 spent (on eligible products) on their site, and can be used towards future product purchases, or Gift Certificates.

Blissoma’s Top 5 Best-Sellers

  1. SMOOTH A+ Correcting Serum
  2. AURA Phyto Brightening Serum
  3. PHOTONIC Light Shifting Solution SPF 25 Facial Sunscreen
  4. FREE Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser & Makeup Remover
  5. FRESH Mild Rice Facial Cleanser

A Few of My Blissoma Faves

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