Rose-Marie Swift

Danielle is a girl (goddess) that truly ‘walks the talk’ + lives by her passions. An inspiration to others + a wealth of knowledge for all that aim to be healthier + wiser in their lives.


Carrie Ruehlman

Making the switch from conventional to natural products can be overwhelming – and tricky! It’s hard to know if a product is truly natural and free of potential toxins or just pseudo-natural. Danielle, The Glamorganic Goddess, makes it fun and easy for people to learn about green beauty and find products that are beautiful, clean and effective. Danielle not only practices what she preaches, but she makes it easy for others to follow in her footsteps.


Amy Halman

In an industry so overwhelmed by confusing messages about health + beauty, it is so amazing when you find a blog that shows fun examples of how to achieve real beauty from the inside out with great flare + creativity. Natural products + lifestyle can still be super sexy + fun without sacrificing your health + The Glamorganic Goddess does an excellent job of putting the know-how right at your fingertips.


Susie Wang

I love The Glamorganic Goddess! Lots of great information + beautifully done too! Thank you so very much Danielle!

100% PURE

Gabriel DeSantino

I’ve worked with The Glamorganic Goddess for years. Danielle lives and breathes her mission in leading a healthy lifestyle while educating others. Her standards are in line with what Gabriel Cosmetics stands for and I admire her for her strength and passion for spreading the word about cancer prevention.


Stephanie Greenwood

There are all kinds of blogs about natural living, going green, and organic beauty, but none as well done as the Glamorganic Goddess! Danielle’s dedication and knowledge for truly organic products and lifestyle choices is apparent in everything that she does. And yet she does it in a lighthearted, fun, and totally girly way that’s approachable to her readers. Making the transition to organic can be overwhelming, but The GG embraces that change and celebrates it. That positive attitude keeps Bubble & Bee Organic a proud supporter of Glamorganic Goddess’s efforts.


Annie Morton

I love this blog! It’s a fantastic resource that I use often to find natural, clean beauty products that fit my healthy lifestyle… The Glamorganic Goddess is an organic god-send!


Emma Pattee

At Egyptian Magic, we’re committed to offering a completely natural product, and it’s been such a pleasure to work with Danielle – who’s on a similar mission. Everyday, we deal with customers that are confused by the endless amount of misinformation – struggling to find products that they can safely use on themselves and their loved ones. What’s so encouraging about The Glamorganic Goddess is the frank and transparent way Danielle evaluates products, her obvious commitment to the cause of natural skincare and cosmetics, and the work that she is doing with the cancer survivor community. We’re grateful and honored to work in partnership with her, and to be given the chance to support her mission of educating consumers.


Liana Werner-Gray

I love how The Glamorganic Goddess inspires + empowers us to focus on beauty from the inside out with real, natural ingredients!


Keri Lehmann

I stumbled upon The Glamorganic Goddess website a few years back, when I was researching for the launch of my company. The straight and clear information that Danielle presented, along with her personal experiences “in the trenches” solidified my resolve to do what I could to be a part of the solution, not the problem. I constantly look to The GG for updates and recommendations to current natural health issues, and know that her information and opinion is trustworthy. The GG has a reputation of integrity and love among our peers, and she is highly respected in the natural health and beauty realm. And she does it all with dignity and STYLE! ;) She is a forerunner for change in the cosmetic industry, and I suspect that the many people she has influenced will rise up with her to make a LOT of noise!


Sue Weldon

UFH is incredibly fortunate to have Danielle as a part of our Educational Advisory Board. I’ve known her for 5 years + after our first conversation, I knew we needed this positive force on our team! Not only is she a Breast Cancer Survivor that truly understands the trials + the “new normal”, but she is BRILLIANT at what she does! She understands about healing + educating the whole woman – body, mind + spirit – a valuable resource we are so grateful for. She handles each project with such commitment + resolve, helping + inspiring so many others make informed, educated choices about the beauty products they use. Danielle is the “Real Deal!” + her very candid, straight forward approach is exactly what we LOVE about her!


Julia Teren

The Glamorganic Goddess blog is truly a unique go-to place for anyone feeling that green is cool. And Danielle is doing a great job discovering and “test-driving” truly great products. It’s not about reviewing just anything, it’s about selecting the best of green, organic and glam. The blog is witty and playful like its name, a delight to read :) Thank you for putting all this wonderful effort into it!


Ejyo Remington + Todd Cooper

Danielle’s story is so inspirational to us in the green cosmetics movement. She is a strong cancer survivor who has recognized that we need to get toxic ingredients out of what we put on our bodies. She doesn’t just tell us how bad things are, she makes it easy for people to find all of the wonderful natural cosmetic products out there!


Erin S. Ihde, MA

Glamorganic is my go-to source for discovering which products really work + which don’t. Danielle + her amazing reviews save time + money which can be in short supply, especially for moms. Thanks to for bringing healthy, sustainable beauty information to one user-friendly destination.


Joy Wicks

I have followed The Glamorganic Goddess for awhile now. I love that her blog helps women realize they can still be “glamorous” using safer, natural + organic beauty products! There is a perception that going natural means giving up makeup + hair products. It is wonderful to see that myth dispelled with The GG. Her personal story + her passion are truly inspiring!