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Since I’ve taken the Natural / Integrative path to healing after Cancer, I’ve had to take lots of vitamins & supplements, multiple times a day for the past 11 years – so, I’ve figured out some ways to help make my “New Normals”  a little bit easier, and I wanted to share them with you! Below is a list of some of my favorite Pill Organizers, Tips & Tricks!

Bubble Pill Cases

These Apex Ultra Bubble-Lok Pill Organizers come in both XL & Small sizes, & are super-easy to “pop” open! Perfect for anyone who may have trouble with their hands, or just the perfect every day pill case.

I have them in both sizes, in every single color which helps me remember what time of day to take what. Ex: I use Fuchsia for Morning, Teal for Lunch, Blue for Night, Purple for anything in between meals, etc. These are the first cases I bought back in 2009, when I was first diagnosed with Cancer, and they have all lasted me almost 11+ years of every day use (which is pretty crazy). I also love the ease & look of the design, as well as all the bright, pretty colors they come in! If you want something that looks cute, & doesn’t feel so medical, but still functions… these are my go-to!

FYI: check Walmart either online, or in-store for a decent selection of sizes & colors. I know it can vary with Amazon.

Large Compartment Pill Cases

I recently began taking some rather large supplements & I was a little worried about them getting squished in even the biggest Bubble Cases! Most people don’t have to worry about running into this issue, but I wanted to mention it incase you’re in the same sitch! So, I was thrilled when I came across this 7-Day  / Weekly Travel Pill Organizer!

Each Case is a pretty, frosted pastel – that has 2 BIG compartments, with more than enough breathing room! They’re all marked “Morning” & “Night” & fit seamlessly into a clear lucite holder, that stores them all upright! Yay for some sleek, updated style! My only real gripe though (if I’m being picky), is that I wish they had a set that had 3 large compartments as well, for anyone who needs that option… these definitely get the job done for now though! Highly recommend!

For Travel

The last few times I traveled was actually for Breast Cancer Reconstruction (at The Center for Restorative Surgery in NOLA) and I needed to figure out a way to pack super-light, because I wouldn’t be able to help with any of my luggage or carry-ons on the way home (I wasn’t allowed to lift anything over a certain weight for several weeks). So, instead of taking a bunch of pill cases with me, I use multiple sizes of Zippered Plastic Bags.

I use the Smallest Zippered Bags for my Morning, Noon, Night, etc. medications & supplements. I then store each Day’s worth in a Zippered Snack Bag, and then they all go into a Quart Sized Zippered Bag to keep them all together. The good thing is that they’re waterproof / leak-proof, and of course, if you don’t want to carry these home with you, you can just toss them if you have to. I re-use them until they start to show some signs of wear & tear though, and they honestly last awhile.


Permanent Markers – I use these to write directly on the cases if I feel like I need to mark them with Morning, Noon, Night, etc. FYI: Nail Polish Remover should remove the Permanent Marker on the Bubble Cases (I haven’t tried it with the other ones yet). Just put a little on a cotton ball & wipe it right off! I’ve been using this technique for years & it’s worked well for me!

Color Coded Labels – I use these handy-dandy little stickers to color code my morning, noon & night supplement bags when traveling. They’re bright & colorful, super-easy to write on, & help me make sure I don’t mix anything up! You can write on them with anything, but I like these Pens because they really stand out… just give them a few seconds to dry after writing before peeling & sticking.

Tips & Tricks

Filling the Zippered Bags – I’m not gonna lie, filling these can be a huge pain in comparison to filling Pill Cases. The easiest way I’ve found so far, is to open the zipper & roll it down over the outside of the bag to keep them open while you’re sorting things out. I usually set them up in rows & just go!

Write Directly On The Lids of Pill Bottles – If you’re anything like me, your doctor may sometimes recommend that you either start at, or take different doses than what’s actually recommended on the bottle. To help me from getting overwhelmed, one of my doctors gave me a good Tip – and, told me to just write directly on the caps of all of my Vitamin, Supplement & Medication bottles with a Permanent Marker! You can also use the stickers for this & color code them as well! Like I mentioned above – you can usually remove it easily with some Polish Remover. I usually write something like: “1 – 2 X’s Day” & update them when needed.

Tracking What Your Taking – One of the most helpful things I’ve done for myself is to start tracking what I’m taking… sort of like how people Food Journal, except, I totally don’t get  that detailed with it! I keep a Mini Notebook & a Pen right where I keep my supplements, & when I pull them out each week, I jot down exactly what I’m taking & what time of day. This is super-helpful for a few reasons… it not only makes it way easier to re-fill my Pill Cases quickly, but, I can also trace back to exactly what caused a reaction if I have to, or see if I need to increase a dose. I can also easily count how many weeks I’ve been on something if I’m following a certain protocol, etc.

Have you ever used any of these Cases, or do have any Tips, or Suggestions for me?
Let us know in the comments below!
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