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New brand on the scene – Thesis Beauty has recently launched, carrying a gorgeous array of clean, modern apothecary-styled skincare as well as bath + body, hair care + products that are perfect for mom, baby, + even men!

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Thesis is an artisan company run by a family of happy vegetarians – dedicated to the development of truly healthy beauty! Their range includes only organic, plant-based ingredients + products are made with cruelty-free, vegan standards. As beauty purists, their goal is to create affordable, truly natural products that work + are responsible in every way. What’s the point in creating the purest, greenest products – if only a few can afford them, right? Since Thesis is a family company, all items are produced in small, handmade batches + they’re able to focus on what’s really important – quality products, instead of stock prices. Their website has a wealth of info + you can read more about why they do, what they do here.


Thesis likes to keep it simple! They only use plant-based – vegan, gmo-free + PETA approved, certified organic ingredients. That’s it. Almost all of their ingredients are raw, with very few exceptions + the only non-organic ingredients they use are salts, clays, pumice + other minerals that are of non-agricultural origin. They carefully assess each ingredient + formulate with only the most unprocessed, potent botanicals available, because quality ingredients are everything when it comes to truly pure + functional skin care.


One thing that amazes me about Thesis, is their wealth of knowledge + the lengths they go to to use eco-friendly packaging!

Recycled Glass – Most of their containers already have 40% recycled content + are handmade, meaning you’re supporting both the environment + small, artisan manufacturers. Thesis uses glass for its sustainability + safety. It’s made from sand, so it’s non-toxic + can be reused infinitely! Their dark, apothecary glass bottles protect the strength of the product by blocking sunlight + will never interact with essential oils or release toxins into the final product.

Minimal Plastic – While plastic packaging has its advantages – it’s cheaper, more readily available + ships easer, it comes at a cost… health hazards + environmental pollution. Thesis only uses PET recyclable + post-consumer recycled plastic in products where necessary. Did you know that with beauty being a $6 billion industry – cosmetic packaging is one of thee biggest health hazards in our landfills + oceans, with tons of unrecycled plastic material being buried or burnt every year?

Treeless Paper – All of their labels + boxes are 100% recycled, recyclable + biodegradable, made from a combination of stone, cotton + recycled paper.

Metal Closures – Thesis plans to use aluminum tin packaging closures as much as possible since they’re non-toxic + can also be easily + infinitely reused + recycled.

shipping + returns

Free shipping within the US for orders over $75 + shipping is never more than $4.95! They also ship internationally to select locations too! Thesis accepts returns for any unopened + unused items within 15 days. Get full deets on their policies here.


Who knew going organic with Thesis could be rewarding in so many ways! Just sign into your account before placing an order + automatically, earn points towards FREE products – every time you shop! I mean, what’s better than FREE, clean beauty products?!? Get the low-down here.


Free samples are always a plus in my book! Thesis includes a generous sample with every order + orders over $100 receive a Special Gift – a full-sized product valued at around $20!

coupon codes

Shop at Thesis Beauty + use code “GLAM” for 10% OFF, now until 5/31/14!
Get an extra 10% OFF! Sign-up for their Newsletter, which CAN be combined with other offers! Yay!

Have you ever shopped at Thesis Beauty? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


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