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At least once a week I try to take a little time to pamper myself + this week’s sesh included two of my all-time FAVES… Annmarie Gianni’s Dead Sea Scrub + Coconut Honey Mask.

No mater what’s going on, I always have these in my stash… I’ve been using them for years! I usually use them separately, because they do two totally different things, but sometimes I like to get fancy + use them together too! ?

Dead Sea Scrub

Detoxifies skin with Dead Sea mud. Siliceous earth promotes a smooth, soft texture + creates a rich exfoliant that replenishes minerals + stimulates circulation by removing dead skin cells. This revitalizing treatment leaves skin polished, flawless + restored.

Coconut Honey Mask

A unique, vitamin-rich mask enriched with pure Colorado mountain wildflower honey. Live enzymes + amino acids keep skin looking smooth + plump. Coconut oil, rich in lauric acid, soothes sensitive skin.

Here’s what I do…

  1. On clean skin, I spritz a little Neroli Toning Mist (another Annmarie FAVE!) onto my face + neck.
  2. In the palm of my hand, I mix about 75% Dead Sea Scrub + 25% Coconut Honey Mask + apply it by massaging it into my skin. Feel free to use whatever ratios you like. For me, it varies depending on the condition of my skin at the moment.
  3. I leave it on until it dries.
  4. Then, comes the best part!… I splash a little water on my face to loosen it up, massage it once again, + rinse clean for really soft, exfoliated + nourished skin!
Have you ever tried these or used them in combo? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
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