REVIEW | Whole Foods Market 365 Organic Cotton Rounds, Organic Cotton Balls + Cotton Swabs made with Organic Cotton

Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton 

  • Organic farming meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • Growing Organically supports a biologically diverse, healthy environment.
  • Organic farming practices help protect our water resources.
  • Organic agriculture increases the lands productivity.
  • Organic production limits toxic + long lasting chemicals in our environment.
  • Buying organic supports small, independent family farms.
  • Organic farmers are less reliant on non-renewable fossil fuels.
  • Organic products meet stringent USDA standards.
  • Buying organic is a direct investment in the long-term future of our planet.
  • Organic farmers preserve diversity of plant species.

USDA Organic Cotton Rounds
♥ Gentle, Absorbent + Silky Soft.
♥ Made with organic cotton grown + produced in the USA.
♥100 Count
♥ $ 3.99
♥ Plastic Sleeve with Zip Seal Closure.

♥ USDA Organic Cotton Balls
♥ Gentle, Absorbent + Silky Soft.
♥ Made with organic cotton grown + produced in the USA.
♥100 Count 
♥ $ 2.99
♥ Plastic Bag with Zip Seal Closure.

♥ Cotton Swabs made with Organic Cotton
♥ Double Tipped + Soft.
♥ Made with organic cotton grown + produced in the USA.
♥180 Count
♥ $ 3.99
♥ Slide-out Cardboard Box Sealed in Plastic.

The GG’s Opinion: These are ridiculously soft, absorbent + usually get the job done in one clean swipe! LOVE that these are whitened with hydrogen peroxide instead of toxic chlorine bleach + also heart that that are very affordable since I use these daily to apply + remove anything + everything! I never really even knew that Organic ones were even available until a recent trip to Whole Foods. According to the USDA, conventional cotton is the third most heavily insecticide/herbicide treated U.S. crop (behind corn + soy).  Apparently Cotton production also uses more chemicals per unit area than any other crop + accounts in total for about 10-16% of the world’s pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants). The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies nine of the most common pesticides used on cotton as highly toxic and five are considered probable carcinogens. Ew. I definitely don’t want anything to do with that! It’s my belief that anything that touches my skin should be as safe, toxin-free + healthy as possible, so why not when it comes to cotton, right? To be honest, we really don’t know how much of these toxic residual chemicals end up on finished products, but they may irritate your skin. I have no desire to take any chances, and I definitely don’t want anyone to be harmed in the growing + production of something I use to remove my makeup. Plus, if it’s something I can change in my life (that will help me + the farmers) for just pennies more, why not? For more info on toxins + pesticides in US Cotton, check herehere + here.  The only downside is that the Cotton Rounds don’t seem to be stitched very well + fall apart. I’ve noticed this with a few other organic brands as well though. I wonder why it’s only the organic ones? Hmm. Other than that… I would totally purchase these again! Thanks Whole Foods Market! xo.

Buy them at: your local Whole Foods Market (not available online).


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