REVIEW: Teeccino Non-Acidic Herbal Coffee Alternative

Have you ever tried Teeccino?

It’s a non-acidic, caffeine-free, roasted herbal tea blend the tastes JUST like Coffee! And, it’s by far… THE BEST Herbal Coffee Alternative I’ve ever tried. ☕️ To be honest… I don’t remember the last time I actually had a cup of Coffee (or… Cawwwfeee, if ya from Jersey 😉). I used to drink at least 1-2 cups a day, but somewhere along the lines – I developed a really  intense caffeine sensitivity a few years ago, & could no longer tolerate it.

So, I started looking into why that might happen, & learned how acidic coffee can be, how bad it is for your adrenals, how it much dehydrates you, how it can have high levels of mold sometimes, etc. And, it no longer made sense for me to keep drinking it. It wasn’t making me feel good, & it wasn’t good for me, but I really, really, really LOVED the taste! 😩

So, What’s A Girl To Do?

I slowly began weaning myself off coffee, by brewing a 1:1 ratio of Teeccino / Organic Coffee. Over time, I used more Teeccino, & less Coffee, until I didn’t really miss it anymore. And, just like my Coffee, I add a little Organic Coconut Sugar and/ or Organic Stevia, & some Organic Half-and-Half… and, I’m good to go! Now I only really have Coffee on special occasions (parties, or when I’m traveling & forget my Teeccino Tea Bags), & I actually prefer the taste of it over coffee – which I am totally shocked by!

Brewing Options & My Must-Have Flavors

So…. Teeccino has a pretty good variety of flavors & options for convenience… they come in the following sizes: 11 oz Bags (ground), 5 lb. Bags (ground), 30 g. Trial packets (ground), or in Tea Bags (which I almost always carry with me). I usually buy the 11 oz. (ground) bags for at home, & the Tea Bags for Travel (just because theyre a little more pricey), but I should probably just start getting the 5 lb. bags of the flavors I use regularly at this point! I’ve been drinking it for probably almost 8 years now (not sure why I’ve never talked about it before, Lol). But, definitely give it a shot! While these are my absolute staples… Vanilla Nut, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, & Dandelion Caramel Nut… there are still definitely a ton on my Want List that I haven’t tried yet! Their Sampler Packs are definitely also a great place to start though – in my opinion!

How I brew It

Over the years, there a few different ways I’ve made Teeccino. In the beginning… I used to brew it with my coffee in my old-school Farberware Percolator Stainless Steel Coffee Pot. When I stopped drinking coffee, I still brewed it the same way (just Teeccino by itself) – especially, if I wanted to make more than 1-2 cups… this way, I could make extra for some Iced Teeccino too, just to switch it up! Later on, I  eventually switched over to using the Hario Ceramic V60 Pour Over Coffee Dripper with Natural, Unbleached Coffee Paper Filters. And, when I’m on the go… I just use their Teeccino Tea bags.

Eco-Friendly Re-Usable Glass To-Go Cups

Also… if you’re looking for a cute, eco way to take your Teeccino to-go… I love this adorable & re-usable glass travel mug from Neon Kactus! It’s made really well, easy to hold & drink out of, easy to clean, fits into cup holders perfectly, & it’s pretty to look at! Win win! What more could your ask for?!

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Have you ever tried it? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!
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    January 29, 2020 at 1:57 am

    Hi! I also bought this coffee last year and I really like it. This coffee has a lot of benefits in our body. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    • Reply
      January 30, 2020 at 12:01 pm

      It does! So glad you love it!♥️

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