REVIEW | Bubble + Bee Organics Sugar + Spice 100% Organic Body Butter

Bubble and Bee Organic Sugar and Spice Body Butter Review

Goal: To find a 100% USDA Certified Organic body lotion that smells girly and really moisturizes!
Brand I Tried: Bubble & Bee Organic.
Product: Sugar & Spice Body Butter (or Butta as it says on the label) LOL.
Product Description From Their Website: Gingerbread cookies, spiced eggnog, pumpkin pie…who doesn’t love the delicious treats that come with the holiday season? We at Bubble and Bee love these sweet and spicy flavors so much, we whipped them up into this divinely warm, delectable body butter just in time for the holidays. Shea butter moisturizes deeply, delivering essential protecting lipids to the skin, while organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat keep this formula smooth but not greasy. Organic sweet almond oil softens and soothes skin, and macadamia nut oil protects and heals, while both oils deliver a bounty of essential fatty acids to your skin. Top that off with fragrant swirls of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar, and you’ve got an irresistible holiday treat for your skin. Unlike other body butters, ours is not water-based, so it has a different consistency than you might be used to. But that’s a good thing–it is best described as having the consistency and feel of home-made frosting. Just pure, whipped, buttery goodness. Without feeling greasy, a little bit goes a really long way–that is, if you can resist reapplying it every 15 minutes because it smells and feels so good!
Ingredients: Organic shea butter, organic coconut oil with retained coconut meat, organic macadamia nut oil, organic almond oil, organic jojoba oil, organic olive and organic coconut oil infused with brown sugar and spices. That’s it… No “Bad” Stuff! Product 100% USDA Certified Organic by UDAF.

  • Price: $16.95 / $24.95
  • Size: 4 oz. / 8oz.
  • Uses: Body Lotion.
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: Very little… it goes a long way! If it weren’t so expensive, I’d definitely use a little bit more though.
  • First Impression: Smells like a mix between Vanilla Cake Frosting & Gingerbread Cookies – not a health food store! Yippie for not smelling like a Hippie!
  • Visual Attractiveness: Cute Packaging- but the label and I still aren’t friends! The label is wrapped around the container (instead of a sticker), so you need to slide the container part of the way out to open and close the container. And, if you set it down- with the container open- it slides back up- and then you have to slide the label off again with “Butta Fingers” to close it… It drives me NUTS! I would love sticky labels like the salt scrub!
  • Texture: Just like home-made buttery cake frosting… Only greasy if you use too much (is that possible? You can NEVER get enough of B&B’s Body Butter!) Described on their website: “may feel different from what you’re used to feeling in a body butter.
  • Scent: Exactly like what you would imagine Sugar & Spice to smell like… like Thanksgiving and Christmas all wrapped up in one!
  • How Long I’ve Used It: I’ve been using B&B’s Raspberry & Vanilla Body Butter for almost a year I think… I’ve been using this scent for the past week or two.
  • Easy To Find And Where? Bubble & Bee Organic, and some Whole Foods Market Stores.
  • Acquired: Sent to me by Stephanie @ Bubble & Bee Organics to Review.
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: No. They are starting to carry sample sizes of many of their other products though, which is really nice to see! A sample set of all the Body Butters would be an awesome gift set for someone though!
  • EWG’s Skin Deep – Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: 0! YAY!
  • The GG’s Opinion: This made me feel like a kid at Christmas all over again… the scent is incredibly delicious!! If you follow me on here… you know all about my OBSESSION with B&B Organics Body Butter! I cannot tell you enough how much I love this stuff, I wish could buy it in bulk! Yes, it’s a little on the steep side, but you are getting totally pure, organic ingredients! Here’s how I make it last… I use this probably about 3-4 times per week- not everyday. I try to mix it up and use regular old organic oils like EVOO or Organic Coconut on the days in between. Honestly, my skin has really changed so much since I began using this, that I don’t even need it everyday- even in the winter! This one also might be my new fave, beating out my all-time fave… the Raspberry & Vanilla Body Butter (see a Review here). Or my other new fave the Coconut & Lime! WHAT? LOL. More than the fact that it works better than anything else I’ve ever tried and that I could actually eat it if I wanted to… I LOVE that it’s 100% USDA Certified Organic- especially since it’s covering the largest organ on my body… my skin! It’s Sweet & Sassy, Vegan, No-animal testing and Gluten-free! Only down-side? It’s only available in the Fall + Winter. Thanks B&B for whipping up a few holiday batches (and not even making us gain a pound)! WE LOVE YOU! xoxo
Buy it at: Bubble+Bee.com


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  • Reply
    Stephanie Greenwood
    December 23, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Hi Danielle! Thanks so much for the review! Just a quick note for you about the label—it’s actually supposed to come off the jar once you’ve opened it. That way it won’t be in your way while you’re using it. Thanks!

  • Reply
    December 31, 2010 at 9:55 pm

    I would love to buy it!! How long does a 8oz Body Butter last (if I use it 3-4 times per week like you)??

  • Reply
    The Glamorganic Goddess
    January 16, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    Thanks Stephanie! It’s so cute I don’t wanna take it off though LOL :)

    Paz- I can stretch my 8 oz. Body Butters for about two mths almost- but it’s hard to say because my boyfriend keeps stealing mine!


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