REVIEW | Bubble + Bee Organic Coconut + Lime 100% USDA Organic Lotion Stick

 Bubble + Bee Organic Lotion Stick


Goal: To find a natural Hand Lotion convenient enough to carry in my bag.
Brand I Tried: Bubble & Bee Organic
Product: 100% Organic Lotion Stick in Coconut & Lime  
Product Description: Are your hands stressed? Give ’em a tropical vacation with our Coconut Lime 100% Organic Lotion Stick, and they’ll thank you later. Rub on this little moisturizing powerhouse, and it will heal dry, chapped skin while making you smell like a tropical dreamboat. Organic coconut oil moisturizes, and organic cocoa butter makes your hands velvetey-smooth and improves your skin’s elasticity, while organic beeswax seals the deal and locks in moisture. And best of all, it contains no water, so it won’t evaporate or wash off like water-based lotions. This means more bang for your buck– why pay for water? Carry this little tropical treat in your purse, your backpack or even your pocket and feel like you’re taking a mini-vacation every time you use it! 100% organic, contains no water, contains no chemicals or estrogen mimickers, goes on smooth, doesn’t wash off like water-based lotions, heals dry hands fast, airline permitted, convenient application, great value, great for sensitive skin, no animal testing, gluten-free.
Ingredients: 100% USDA Certified Organic by UDAF- Organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic lime essential oil, certified organic coconut scent. That’s it… No “Bad” Stuff!

  • Price: $7.95
  • Size: .63 oz
  • Uses: Anywhere you have dry skin- Hands, Feet, Elbows, etc…
  • Amount Of Product Used For It To Be Effective: A little goes a long way!
  • Visual Attractiveness: Cute Packaging & Labels!
  • Texture: Ummm… like lip balm- but for your hands LOL.
  • Scent: Ok, it smells like a Margarita to me. It’s a little more Lime-y than Coconut… and they really did “put the lime in the coconut & mix ’em both up” like it says on the label ha-ha.
  • How Long I’ve Used It: Since Spring 2010.
  • Easy To Find And Where? Bubble & Bee Organic
  • Acquired: Purchased with my own $.
  • Customer Service: My favorite place to shop for truly natural & organic body care products! The most knowledgeable company I have come across so far… with the BEST Customer Service! For more info, please see all my other B&B Organic Reviews here.
  • Sample, Trial, Travel Sizes?: It’s Travel Size Already…
  • EWG’s Skin Deep – Cosmetic Safety Database Rating: “0” YAY!
  • The GG’s Opinion: First of all- the ingredients are absolutely amazing and work wonders for really dry skin, especially in the winter! It’s quick, easy to apply and really seals in the moisture! I really only put this to the top of my hands unless I’m desperate, and it soaks in pretty fast. I love that it doesn’t wash off like regular lotions… so no need to apply a million times a day- which can be soooo annoying this time of year and can also save you lots of $! It’s not ridiculously greasy or waxy like you would imagine. It’s great to carry on the go and the packaging is very practical. It will never spill unless maybe in the dead of summer and it melts… yikes! Ahhh, how the scent makes me miss you summer… Plus, it multi-taskes! In case of an emergency you can use it to tame frizzy hair. How FAB, right? I’ve used it on split-ends plenty of times… ummm… can you say life-saver? LOL. I also must mention- that my boyfriend had shoulder surgery recently and had super-dry skin on his hand from loss of circulation and being in a crazy sling/ brace for the past 2-3 weeks. We used the Raspberry-Lemonade Salt Scrub and the Coconut & Lime Lotion Stick on his hand- and I cannot believe how fast it’s healed… this product is incredible! Needless to say, he also wanted to try my Raspberry Vanilla Body Butta. Hmmm… I think I just got robbed!! LOL. So… I see my evil plan is working… puah-ahh-ahh! This is someone who said he would never use anything natural- because he thinks it doesn’t work. Now, if I catch him stealing my Pit Putty- we are soooo broken-up! Just kidding. That’s just gross. Anyway… as always, I heart Bubble and Bee’s signature graphics and snazzy sayings on their labels. I will definitely purchase it again- if I ever finish this one :) “Rude Raspberry”- you’re next!
Buy it at: Bubble+Bee.com


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