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Bubble + Bee Organic Bath Salt Cubes Review


$ 20   /   16oz.


Sea salt replenishes minerals lost through the skin by stress + dehydration, + helps the body release toxins through the skin. Each scent has wonderful aromatherapy properties. Ever used a salt soak + had it dry out your skin? Not this one! Bubble + Bee’s salts have extra organic oils to help nourish + soften skin. No artificial scents, colors, or preservatives. Their salts are truly natural, using the purest organic essential oils to scent, so you can be sure that they’re totally safe + ultimately indulgent. Each salt cube contains enough salt for two baths. Just take out the little bag inside + add the salt to your bath to use as a salt soak, or as an exfoliating, moisturizing scrub. Comes with one 4-oz. salt cube of each scent: Coconut Lime, Chamomile Lavender, Lemongrass Ginger, Orange Peel.


Pure salt from the Great Salt Lake, organic sunflower oil, organic herbs, organic essential oils.


Each of the 4 little plastic cubes comes with two packets of salt, enough for 8 baths in total. Love the packaging inserts!


  • Coconut Lime (Refreshing) 
  • Lemongrass Ginger (Energizing) 
  • Chamomile Lavender (Relaxing) 
  • Orange (Revitalizing)




  • Smell amazing!
  • No artificial scents, colors, or preservatives.
  • Detox + moisturize your skin!


  • Wish more came in each box!
  • Wish they sold samples!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been reading The GG for awhile, you know I’m a sucker for a nice, relaxing bath! There is nothing that helps melt away worries more than a sweet soak – now, sans (toxic) bubbles, of course. For years, I ‘d come home from long, 8 hour days on the ice (figure skating coach) + hop into a warn bubble bath to get rid of the chill + soak sore muscles. When I first began looking into my beauty ingredients I couldn’t believe the toxins I was filling my tub with! I was completely freaked out by what I had been soaking in + what literally was soaking into me! Apparently, carcinogens + other horrible chemicals that were making me sick, like SLS, 1,4 Dioxin, Artificial Fragrance, Synthetic Dyes + Preservatives… just to name a few! I was used to Calgon + Victoria’s Secret whisking me away, so nixing the suds was toughie for me. Then again, in he big scheme of things, I knew it was just a small sacrifice, that I could live with (literally). To help detox, post Cancer, I regularly take Pink Himalayan Salt Baths + frequently spruce them up by adding one of these little gems! The cubes come in a pack of 4, with 2, individual 2 oz. packets in each scent. I of course, love all the scents, but the Coconut Lime, Lemongrass Ginger + the Orange Peel are my faves. I’m just not a Lavender person, but the Chamomile Lavender smells amazing too, if that’s what you’re into. Word on the street is that detoxing salt baths should be taken with nothing more than just salt + oils, so the toxins can flow freely out, while the electrolytes flow freely in – so these are perfect! This helps to replenish vital minerals your body needs to stay healthy, moisturize + restore supple skin. Products like these, help make my non-sudsing baths more luxurious now, and I love them for that! They smell sweet + sassy instead of earthy + herbal like many others – and I totally appreciate that. Therefore, these are staples in my tub! Thanks Bubble + Bee!

Buy it at Bubble+ BeeOrganic.com

Have you ever tried these? What are your thoughts? 

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