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♥ $ 16.95
♥ 2.1 oz / 60 g
♥ Packaging: Eco friendly Apothecary-style glass bottles.
♥ Sample Size: Not that I know of… it would be FAB if they sold a sample kit of all their masks though!

♥ Chocolatier’s Gift Nourishing Organic Face Mask ♥

♥ DescriptionPure gift of organic cacao Moisturizing and nourishing organic facial mask. Anti aging and skin regenerating. #1 for dry, mature, damaged, dull skin. Dehydrated skin is banned from now on – try or new organic facial mask Chocolatier’s Gift based on all natural organic cacao powder! Cacao, a raw material for making real chocolate, can work inside and out, so go ahead and spread this divine smelling mask over your face to see how dry, dull skin magically turns into glowing, smooth, beautiful complexion! This decadent organic facial mask is a wonderful gift for everyone who is in love with chocolate. Based on real raw organic cacao, this organic facial mask is high in flavonoids, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and potassium as well as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C, E and pantothenic acid. Only organic cacao can offer these benefits – regular refined, processed with alkali, dutched cacao is depleted of all nutrients and is not nearly as effective. Organic oats provide ultimate moisturizing, soothing, and calming properties, helping restore skin’s moisture deep down. Organic allspice improves circulation and tones the skin, while natural kaolin gently cleans your skin, drawing out impurities and helping blemishes. After just one application your skin feels smooth, nourished and supple – naturally! You will see that organic, vegan and eco friendly works wonders unlike any conventional, chemical loaded stuff.

♥ Ingredients: Organic unprocessed cacao powder*, natural kaolin clay, natural Moroccan rhassoul clay, organic fine sugar*, organic oats*, organic orange peel*, organic rosehips*, organic allspice and other energizing spices*. * USDA certified organic ingredients.

♥ Strawberry Dessert Smoothing Organic Face Mask ♥


DescriptionBased on delicious, ripe and sweet Strawberries! Smoothing, Toning, Revitalizing, Clarifying & simply Delicious. Skin regenerating – excellent for skin hydration, smoothing fine lines and overall skin nourishment Helps control blemishes and invigorate dull complexion. Perfect for all skin types. Luxurious apothecary glass bottle – classy, elegant & eco-freindly gift. Clarify, soothe, smooth and nourish – this organic face mask is a true skin dessert with a purpose! Ideal for all skin types, this delicious strawberry face mask will deliver fabulous results after the very first application. Be prepared to get those compliments! We formulated our organic face mask with real organic Strawberries – as a base ingredient so you can get full antioxidant benefits with each application. Truly natural and organic luscious ingredients brighten, detoxify and clarify your skin. Especially beneficial for dry, blemished, tired skin and any complexion in need of that extra vitamin boost, hydration and pampering. Rich in antiaging antioxidants, organic acids and natural vitamins, organic Strawberries provide protection for your skin, have soothing properties, tighten pores and gently exfoliate, helping breakouts, blemishes and clogged pores. Applied regularly, this mask helps your skin cope with blemishes and signs of environmental damage, improves skin’s tone, texture and appearance.

♥ Ingredients: Organic strawberries* natural, premium kaolin clay natural, premium Moroccan rhassoul clay organic arrowroot*. * USDA certified organic.

♥ Mermaid’s Cheek Balancing Organic Face Mask ♥

♥ DescriptionPurifying, Hydrating and Balancing Seaweed combo and broccoli. Cleans pores, boosts circulation, removes impurities, improves complexion. Ideal for combination, problem , blemished, acneic, oilier skin types and T-zone.  Chemical free – no preservatives, synthetics, detergents, cheap fillers & substitutes, fragrance, etc. To clarify and invigorate your complexion, try or natural & organic facial mask Mermaid’s Cheek based on the power of organic sea weeds, broccoli and French Green clay. Oilier and problem prone skin types require gentle, yet effective care to restore balance, calm inflammations and regulate excessive sebum production – particularly in T-zone. Mermaid’s Cheek organic and all natural facial mask is based on skin purifying French Green clay – the purest, premium variety that is free from substitutes and cheap fillers. This all natural powerful clay effectively draws impurities out of the pores, extinguishes inflammations, helps fight blemishes, jumpstarts blood circulation in epidermis and nourishes the skin with minerals. Even oilier skin types can feel dehydrated and in need of extra moisture and nutrition. USDA certified organic sea kelp provides excellent hydration and feeds your skin with potent minerals and vitamins. Organic sea kelp is an underwater plant that contains numerous nutrients and minerals, including Calcium, Iodine, Iron, Potassium, Vitamin B1, B2, B12 and polysaccharides. It is combined with luxurious premium French green clay whose great absorbent powers allow it to soak in oils, toxic substances, and impurities from your skin. Toning, revitalizing and pore tightening, this facial mask is marvelous for helping to clear irritated, problem skin. his organic facial mask is enhanced with organic broccoli rich in natural vitamin C which brightens the skin, fights aging and free radicals, helps your skin build protective barrier against sun damage, elements, pollution and aging. After just one application your skin will feel completely clean, smooth, renewed and totally balanced!

♥ Ingredients: Organic sea kelp*, organic dulse*, organic bladderwrack*, organic spirulina*, natural kaolin clay, natural french green clay, organic broccoli*, organic aloe*. * USDA certified organic ingredients.

The GG’s Opinion: Incase you didn’t know I’m like a facial mask fiend! No, really. They are one of my absolute favorite beauty rituals to indulge in, you can never have to many of them… like bags + shoes! Made up of all natural + USDA certified organic ingredients, and no chemicals, preservatives or detergents – these masks are equivalent to at least 6 oz regular liquid mask based on water and fillers! BTW, all of these are 100% Natural, not sure why the stamps are only in the Chocolate + the Mermaid’s Kiss photos. The application is pretty simple, just mix about 1-2 teaspoons of powdered organic facial mask into a paste with a liquid of your choice. On the positive tip, since it’s not pre-mixed – you can customize the consistency of it with the fun things like mineral water, herbal tea, fresh squeezed juice, milk, vegan milk, rich yogurt, honey, etc.) and enjoy it fresh mask every time! The downside, that it’s not pre-mixed – but I’d rather have to mix it than have preservatives in it… which most wet masks need to be shelf-stable. Only issue was that I had a hard time getting this off when I used only water. Not sure what that’s about, works fine when I mix it with anything else… maybe take it off before it’s dry? IDK. I play around with the consistency, but I especially heart a warm liquid mask which improves skin’s absorbing power (like a mini facial steam). I don’t have a regular routine with these, but I use them pretty frequently! These can last awhile depending on how you like your mask. I love all three, but the Chocolate one was my favorite! I mean, who doesn’t like a Chocolate Face Mask? Perfect for PMS, Lol. Strawberry’s my second fave + I love it with Organic Yogurt… Stawberries n’ Cream YUM! I’m not gonna lie, the Mermaid’s Cheek smells like Low-Tide at the Jersey Shore to me… so I probably wouldn’t buy that one again, I don’t think. Don’t quote me though – I’m torn because I really  love the way it performs… so for now I just mix it with one of the other ones… kinda like I hide Spinach or Kale in my Smoothies ;) Smart Cookie, right? All in all, Antho’s views are very similar to mine, I love the quality of the products I’ve tried so far + they have superior Customer Service! Annnnd… wait for it… I approve of all the ingredients in all of their products! Gasp! I know. True Story! Thanks Julia + Antho for such amazing, high quality healthy beauty products! xo


Buy it at: Antho (now, Thesis Beauty)

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