REVIEW | Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Dead Sea Scrub

♥ Description: This special blend of dead sea mud, siliceous earth and lavender creates a rich exfoliate to replenish minerals, stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells which makes it a natural alternative microdermabrasion. Using my Dead Sea Facial Scrub will leave your skin clean, smooth and glowing for hours. Softens and polishes rough skin, nourishes and feeds your skin cells with potent minerals, deeply cleansing.
♥ Ingredients: Love, Dead Sea Mud; Silaceous earth; Vegetable Glycerin; Organic Lavender essential oil; Organic Rosemary Oleoresin.
$ 39.95

♥ 50 ml. 

♥ Packaging: Same FAB Miron Glass Packaging as the rest of Annmarie’s products.

♥ Samples: Yep!
♥ The GG’s Final Thoughts: This is one of the best facial scrubs I’ve ever tried! I’ve never tried microdermabrasion professionally (Thank God I guess)- but if that’s what you’re looking for… this is a slightly more gentle, natural alternative without all the harsh chemicals! Hooray! Think of it as… gentle Dry-Brushing for your Faccia Bella (Beautiful Face in Italian)! I love how the grain is super-fine + not too harsh on my skin. I really like the consistency of this  Creamy but Gritty, Charcoal Grey + Pudding-like wonder… which I just recently found out doubles as a Facial Mask if you leave it on. Nice! Who doesn’t love a multi-use product, right? Have to say, I was impressed with this product both ways. Lavender has honestly never really been my thing- a tad too earthy for me… but if you like it, you’ll LOVE this! Happy I only needed a pea-sized amount for my entire face (minus my eyes of course). I prefer to mix it with her Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser or Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser because it just seems to go on a little more smoothly that way (unless I use it as a Mask), but you don’t have to. Been using this for about 3 months, only when I need it- not everyday. I especially LOVE this in the winter as it buffs away the dead, dry skin + the flakiness that Mineral Makeup can cause. One reason why I heart this so much is that I can feel an immediate difference in my skin as I rinse it off- especially after using it s a scrub, then letting it dry as a mask. It helps unclog pores, kick-start the healing process of any Breakouts, making the perfect base for a smooth makeup application. All in all, I like this scrub way better than this one , and I would definitely buy this again! Thanks Annmarie Gianni + the entire ASC Team! Mwah!
♥ Buy it at: AnnmarieGianni.com + tell them The GG sent you! 
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