REMEDY ROOM NOLA: IV Vitamin Hydration & Wellness Therapy

Photo Credit: The Remedy Room

The Remedy Room

The Remedy Room is an innovative Wellness Clinic in New Orleans, LA – that was Founded by Dr. Mignonne Mary in 2013. They specialize in rapid recovery by focusing on optimal nutrition, preventative health & personalized medicine via High-Dose IV Vitamin Hydration Therapy.

Dr Mary’s Remedy Room is a continuation of the legacy of her father, Dr. Charles Mary, Jr. – a pioneer in the field of IV Vitamin Therapy & Complimentary Medicine in the US. He was on the forefront in using High Dose IV Vitamin C in both in patient & outpatient settings for Cancer, Sepsis, and EBV & in 1990 – he even used it to help heal his own Colorectal Cancer! You can find a ton of research about that here!

The Mary Family’s approach to empowering others with the knowledge of Integrative Wellness, Disease Prevention & Recovery, lives on through her Internal Medicine Practice at The Remedy Room, in hopes of changing the lives of thousands of others. Read more about their story here.

Me, Somehow Zen AF during My Pre-Op IV at The Remedy Room

How I Ended Up There

On my recent visit to NOLA for Breast Cancer Reconstruction at The Center for Restorative Surgery, I decided to seriously up my recovery game with a series of High-Dose Vitamin C IV’s at Remedy Room right before & after surgery. And, I would’ve done it during (right in the OR) too, if they would’ve let me! It’s actually an option at some facilities in the area, which is awesome – but as far as I know, they still have to work out the logistics before doing it at St. Charles Surgical Hospital. 

Hopefully they’ll jump right on that though, because I found that the Vitamin IV’s I received at Remedy Room seriously reduced my overall recovery time, majorly decreased my pain levels, as well as the side effects from anesthesia & other medications. I was completely amazed at how well I tolerated almost the same exact procedure I had done (basically a do-over of my Phase 2)… a little more than a year ago! Except this time, I recovered in literally 1/4 of the time, & was released from the Hospital in 1/2 the time than I was for my 2 surgeries prior! I was even able to go out to eat the day of my Post-Op Appointment, where I couldn’t even dream of that for my 2 previous Surgeries. SUCH a game-changer for me!

I’ve done High-Dose IV Vitamin C drips for years now, but I was usually required to stop several weeks before surgery (this was my 8th Cancer Surgery total, & my 3rd one in NOLA), so I’m grateful that my Surgeon, Dr. Christopher Trahan at CRBS was open to the idea of something like this! He’s an incredibly skilled Microsurgeon, with a GREAT bedside manner – who asks important questions, genuinely works with me around any sensitivities I have, has a true interest & understanding of how these things can effect your body (short-term & long-term), & a lot of knowledge about alternative remedies when I have an issue with a standard of care treatment.

It’s rare to find a doctor like that, & he’s definitely the perfect match for me! And, it just so turns out that he actually went to school with Dr. Mignonne Mary! So, that’s kind of how this whole thing ended up working out for me. I’m happy I was able to make the connection with Remedy Room & CRBS to hopefully get the ball rolling for future patients, who might be interested in doing something like this!

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IV Vitamin C Benefits, Before & After Surgery

Research shows that Healing & Recovery after Surgery can be significantly improved by targeting multiple systems in the body with IV Vitamin C & other vital nutrients.

  • Activates & Supports a Robust Immune System Response.
  • Reduces Swelling & Bruising After Surgery.
  • Increases Collagen Production to Enhance Healing & Tissue Repair
  • Reduces Scarring.
  • Decreases Inflammation, Pain & the Risk of Infection.
  • Supports Your Liver to Help Detox Anesthesia Out of Your System Faster.
  • Optimizes Your Nutritional Status.

Services, Packages & Single IV Drips

Remedy Room offers a variety of different Infusion Therapies & Services, which include Fluids, Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Electrolytes, & Antioxidants. They also have several other amazing add-ons & extra upgrades that you can use during your visit, as well as Vitamins & Supplements you can purchase separately! I’m not sure which ones you can do before surgery, so I didn’t really look into any of that while I was there. But, I know they have B12 Shots, Liposomal Vitamin C, Biomats & Infra-Red Saunas, etc… all of which are right up my alley! Safe to say I’d probably live at this place if it were closer!

Also, check out the Promo Code (GLAMORGANIC) at the bottom of this post! I don’t make any money off it, but I wanted to try to help make something like this as affordable as possible for others going through the same thing. I definitely know what it’s like to have tons of medical expenses (many that aren’t covered). So, I hope that helps!

Pre & Post-Op IV Package ($1,100) – Includes: 4 High-Dose Vitamin C IV’s, a Bottle of Intramax MultiVitamins, 1 Box of Liposomal Vitamin C, 1 Bottle of Digestive Enzymes with Bromelain, a mandatory Wellness Consult & a *To-Go Fee ($100) so that they can administer one IV right at your Surgical Facility. Remedy Room recommends doing all of these within 7 days for the best results – one before Surgery, one during Surgery (or immediately after) & two after Surgery. *Check on that To-Go Fee, because as at the time of my Surgery (January 2020), they couldn’t come to St. Charles Surgical Hospital or the Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge yet – so, they should be able to remove that!

I wasn’t able do their full Pre & Post-Op Package, ONLY BECAUSE I actually missed the 1st IV I had scheduled with them due to an 11 hr. Flight Delay (flew in on a Holiday, & the delay killed my entire first day there, & the only free day I had). Unfortunately, that left me with only enough days to do 3 IV’s before leaving NOLA, since I didn’t have an extra day down there to make it up! I was also already taking the same exact supplements (just different brands) so, I didn’t really need the ones included in their package. I often wonder how much faster & better my recovery might have been, if I were able to squeeze that 4th IV though!

High Dose IV Vitamin C Single Drip ($269) – If you can’t, or don’t want to do an entire package, they also have Single Vitamin C IV’s, as well as a ton of other Single IV Options for things like: Immunity, Jet Lag, Migraines, Stomach Bugs, Energy, Beauty, Hangovers, Athletic Recovery, & more. Definitely check them out!

Another thing I loved, but wasn’t able to take advantage of was the fact that they do “House Calls” (for a fee), so – they can come actually to you if you’re not feeling well, & are staying at a Hotel, someone’s House, an Airbnb / VRBO, etc. I’m not sure about the Patrick F. Taylor Hope Lodge though… I stayed there, but only found Remedy Room a few days before I headed down, so I didn’t have a chance to figure out if they could get clearance for something like that or not… but, that would be pretty fab if they did!

Photo Credit: The Remedy Room

What’s In The Pre-Op & Post-Op IV’s

As I’m sure you know by now, I like to make informed decisions about what I put in & on my body – so, I had to ask about exactly what was in the IV’s…

Trace Minerals – help regulate blood pressure, maintain blood sugar levels, increase energy, boost the immune system, with bone health, & wound healing. 

B Complex & B12 – increases energy, aids in several processes including the growth of red blood cells, digestion, nerve function, cardiovascular health & muscle tone.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that’s essential for multiple reactions in the body like: collagen production, immune system activation, metabolism support & it also acts as a potent antioxidant. Unfortunately, humans don’t have the ability to make their own & must obtain it via supplements or diet. Studies indicate that higher blood levels of Vitamin C are associated with lower risk of death from Cancer & Cardiovascular Disease.

I also wanted to know… 1. Why only 15 g of Vitamin C? The reason I asked was because with Vitamin C IV’s I’ve received at other places (near where I live) I’ve always started off at at least 25 g, & gone right up to 50-75  g within the first few IV’s. And… 2. If the Pre-& Post-Op IV’s for people going through Cancer-related surgeries (like we are) would be given higher doses of IV C, than someone just going in for minor Plastic Surgery?

Here was their response… “We usually start Cancer Patients that come in to our clinic at 25 grams and work upwards to 75 g for it’s pro-oxidant properties. However, we’ve found that when we were giving High Doses of Vitamin C to Patients Pre, Intra, and Post Operatively – they were getting fluid overload as Surgical Centers also give patients fluid. It was also causing their salt concentrations to go higher as well. Higher doses of Vitamin C also carry a higher risk of phlebitis, which is inflammation of the vein. We realized that by coming down on the dose of Vitamin C just around the surgery, we could avoid these unwanted effects while also gaining the benefits of Vitamin C such as collagen production, wound healing, increase the immune response, etc. After they’re out of the Surgery window, we then go to the much higher doses as mentioned above.”

How I Scheduled IV’s Around Surgery & Doctors Appointments

You can call or book an appointment with them online, but I’d personally call, this way you can make a direct connection with someone there, & get all your questions answered. Here’s a list of their FAQ’s, BTW!

  • Wellness Consult & 1st IV – The day I arrived. I would highly recommend doing it on your first full day there though instead, incase you run into flight delays like I did!
  • 2nd IV – 2 hours before my Pre-Op Appointment at CRBS, so I was already right in the area.
  • 3rd IV – The day I was released from SCSH. I took an UBER directly there, before heading back to Hope Lodge.
  • 4th IV – Right After my Post-Op Appointment, which was early in the morning at CRBS.
Drained AF at My Post-Op IV at The Remedy Room

My Experience

From the moment I called to get info, to the scheduling & accommodations – Remedy Room’s staff made me feel completely at ease! I could also tell they were on the same page by the types & brands of pharmeceutical-grade supplements they carried (usually a dead giveaway of expertise for most places like this), as well as the upgraded services they offered.

The setting is upscale modern, with beautiful white reclining chairs – sectioned off by curtains (if you’d like some privacy). I loved chatting it up with the Nurses & everyone around me, when I felt up to it though. When I first arrived for my Wellness Consult – my intake & Medical History were done quickly & easily on an iPad, & my Physical Exam incredibly thorough! Once I was seated for my appointment, I was offered a soft, cozy blanket, a pillow to support my arm, a warm compress, & something to drink.

Each of my IV’s took anywhere from about 60-90 minutes, & the Nurses administering them were incredibly gentle, with a great “stick” (meaning, no pain)! And, incase you couldn’t tell by my pics… I found myself surprisingly comfortable the entire time… apparently enough to catch up on some beauty Zzz’s while I was there, Lol.

Remedy Room was very flexible with me in terms of scheduling, which was SO important! They were understanding of the circumstances I was in NOLA for (not to party), that I was nervous about surgery, from out of town, & that doctors appointments at The Center can sometimes run either really early, or really late, etc. Their ability to go with the flow (while us each being respectful of the other’s valuable time) really helped ease my anxiety about trying to fit it all in! For this particular Surgery (SGAP Flap / Phase 3), I was only in NOLA for 7 days total – including my Surgery & Hospital Stay. So, that was truly vital in orchestrating this for me!

Although I get IV’s here in NJ from time to time, I don’t really have a comparable place, with resources & such a strong team of people like that, near me! NOLA is really lucky to have their knowledge & expertise! I highly recommend looking into something like this whether you’re having Surgery, or you just want to boost your immune system.

So, all in all – I really can’t say enough good things about my experience at Remedy Room, & would go back in a heartbeat! I wish I did this for my first 2 Surgeries there, because I think I would have had such an easier time! I really miss the Therapies I received, & the people I met who all had their own incredible health journeys. And, I’m hoping this info can truly help make something like Breast Cancer & Caner-related Surgeries much easier for someone else, going through the same thing!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to have an IV for a Hangover in The Big Easy… yet. Hopefully next time. Lol.

Photo Credit: The Remedy Room. 

Where They’re Located

Remedy Room’s Uptown location is about 4 1/2 blocks away from The Center for Restorative Breast SurgerySt. Charles Surgical Hospital. If you take the St. Charles Streetcar, you’ll definitely pass it along the way, so be sure to look for it! It’s on the opposite side of the street from The Center & Hospital. They also recently opened a 2nd location in Old Metarie too, but I haven’t been there yet (and, its farther away). FYI: I did walk from CRBS to Remedy Room on St. Charles for my IV’s before Surgery, but wouldn’t walk it Post-Op – it’s a little far for that. Here’s the Info for the location closest to The Center

The Remedy Room
1224 St Charles Ave, 1-C
New Orleans, LA 70130, US
(504) 301-1670

Promo Code

Mention Code: GLAMORGANIC for 10% OFF!

(Includes Pre & Post-Op Packages, Single IV’s & Visits! Excludes Supplements).

Disclaimer: As always, I’m not a doctor, & don’t play one on the internet. This is not medical advice – it’s just my personal experience, & I wanted to share it incase someone else might find it helpful for informational purposes.

Have you ever done Vitamin Hydration IV’s, or been to The Remedy Room? Let us know your thoughts below!
FTC Disclosure | Products provided. May contain affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
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