Pitaya Plus | Organic Dragon Fruit Powder, Smoothie Packs, & Bite-Size Cubes

Pitaya aka Dragon Fruit – is a Superfruit that’s rich in Fiber, Prebiotics, Vitamins + Minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, + Antioxidants like Vitamin C. And… the flesh of the fruit comes in 2 colors – white + red. The red ones are what makes this GORGEOUS magenta color… my absolute FAVE color in the whole world!

I use Pitaya Plus Organic Dragon Fruit Superfruit Smoothie Packs + Bite-Size Fruit Cubes in my smoothies ALL THE TIME, but… sometimes it’s hard to find it in stores –  so, I’m really excited to see that they recently came out with a shelf-stable, Freeze Dried USDA Organic Dragon Fruit Powder!  

From time to time, I try to use fresh Dragon Fruit in my Smoothies  when I see them in stores (usually at my local Asian Markets), but they’re also often hard to find, + are sometimes super expensive (as in $8 for one!). 

In the past, I’d used these mostly around the times of surgeries, when I really wanted to kick my nutrition up a notch, or give myself a little variety in my life… but I really began getting more consistent after reading Liver Rescue from The Medical Medium. He mentions that Pitaya is a Liver Rejuvenator… it helps your Liver produce cells faster so that regeneration can occur quicker. Dragon Fruit is also a staple in his Liver Rescue Smoothie… which is totally delish, BTW.

Smoothie Recipe

Here’s the one I used for the pics above, only because it’s what I had in the house this morning! They also have a ton of recipes on their site too, even for for Dragon Fruit Bowls, Cocktails, etc.

I used: Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk (you could also use Coconut Milk or Coconut Water too), Pitaya Plus Frozen Dragon Fruit Bite-Size Cubes,  Pitaya Plus Freeze Dried Organic Dragon Fruit Powder,  Inner-Eco Fresh Young Coconut Smoothie Packet,  Frozen Organic Pineapple Chunks, Garden of Life Organic MCT Oil,  Now Organic Stevia Powder. 

No real measuring, I just kinda tossed it all into the Vitamix starting with the frozen stuff first, then added my Almond Milk, + finally a touch of Stevia after tasting it! Play around with it, see what you like!

*Side Note: At the time of this post, I’m not sure why their package of Bite-Size Cubes is the only product they sell that doesn’t have the USDA Organic Seal on the bag… all of their other products have it, so my guess is – they’re probably using Organic Dragon Fruit for everything across the board? Not sure though. Just wanted to point that out, since I noticed it.

Have you ever tried this, or Pitaya Plus, or even just Red Dragon Fruit? 

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Pitaya Plus – or, here on Amazon

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