NOW FOODS: Iced Organic Matcha Latte Recipe

I’ve always loved Matcha in my skincare, but it’s taken me years to finally hop onto the Matcha Latte bandwagon (for some reason 🙄). I’m a late bloomer? What can I say, Lol. Now that I’m on it… I’m on it though!

While I definitely love me some ⭐️ 💵’s, I’m not someone who usually goes, unless someone else wants to go. It’s just not something I think about since I don’t really drink coffee anymore. However, about a year ago – I was stuck at the airport on my way home from an Influencer Trip to NOW Foods HQ in Chicago, & really needed a quick little pick-me-up! So… I grabbed my first Iced Matcha Latte, and haven’t looked back!

Matcha is a gorgeous, green Superfood that’s filled with tons of health benefits & antioxidants. It’s gives you a clean, boost of energy, but with gentle, calming effects from EGCG Polyphenols, Chlorophyll, & L-Theanine!

When NOW came out with their own Organic Matcha Powder recently, I found myself obsessing over finding the cleanest, & closest tasting Iced Matcha Latte Recipe to theirs… and, this is my favorite! NOW’s Organic Matcha is a pure, highly concentrated, culinary grade powder that’s made without any other ingredients or additives. Don’t forget to check out my Tips & Tricks before making it too, BTW!

  1. Begin by adding the Almond Milk to the 2 Cup line in your High-Speed Blender.
  2. Next, add in heavy-handed dash of Vanilla, as well as the Matcha, Coconut Sugar, & Stevia.
  3. Add a few Ice Cubes, & blend until slightly frothy.
  4. Give it a Taste Test – if it’s still a little bitter, add in a little more Coconut Sugar, Stevia (or both), & blend for a few more seconds.
  5. Pour into a glass, pop in a straw, & enjoy!

  • I like to add in some Collagen Powder, which makes it super-silky & smooooooth!
  • Instead of Almond Milk, you can also use Organic Grass-fed Milk, or any other Plant-based Milks, like NOW’s Coconut Milk Powder.
  • The key to getting it to taste as similar to ⭐️ 💵’s as possible (in my opinion), is to go heavy on the Vanilla, the (Coconut) Sugar & the Matcha! They put much more Matcha Powder in it than I do – but, my body just can’t handle that much caffeine, so feel free to add-in more, if you can handle it. FYI: their website says they use (3 Scoops) or what looks like about 3-4 Tsps. of Matcha per 16 oz. of liquid when I’ve seen them make it. And, they also put it over Ice, I blend mine it. You can do either, or.
  • Unlike most of my drinks, I like my Matcha Lattes super-sweet! So, I use both Stevia & Coconut Sugar. Although, the Coconut Sugar is low-glycemic – its still sugar. The Stevia cuts the amount of Coconut Sugar you use, but the Coconut Sugar gives it such a deep, rich caramelized taste that the Stevia just can’t. You can a totally just add one or the other, some Honey, or even no sweeteners at all if you’d like! Totally up to you!


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