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After having some major Tooth Sensitivity recently, I found myself on the hunt for a softer toothbrush, & came across Nimbus Microfine Xtra Soft Toothbrushes…  the world’s softest Toothbrushes!

I honestly had no idea that something like this, even existed! Up until then I had tried just about every Soft & Extra Soft Toothbrush available, & felt like most of them were still too rough on my Sensitive Teeth & Gums. I’m glad I didn’t settle until I found something that worked for me though! And, I hope my Review helps someone else. Believe me, I’ve felt your pain & have totally been where you are! It sucks! But, when they say this is so comfortable, you can’t wait to brush… it’s the truth! It’s literally, like the “Goldilocks” of Manual Toothbrushes!

$12 | 5-Pack Assorted Colors

Nimbus Microfine Xtra Soft Toothbrushes

  • Designed by a Periodontist with Extra Soft, two-level Bristle Technology.
  • Made especially for Trauma-Free Brushing.
  • Long Tapered Bristles – Get into areas that aren’t always Accessible with Conventional Bristles.
  • Short Rounded Bristles – Optimize Plaque Removal, & Help the Brush Retain its Stability & Shape.
  • Absorbs Less Water than Common Nylon Bristles, & is Resistant to Deterioration from Chemicals & Mouth Fluids.
  • Comfortable & Easy-to-Control Handle Design.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes: Regular (Adult), Compact (Kids / Travel) & Nimby (Baby).

For me, the only downfalls are… 1. that you can’t just buy one on Amazon anymore (you used to be able to). 2. That you can’t pick out the colors you want – they only come in an Assorted Color 5-Pack now. And, 3. whether you buy through the Nimbus Dental site, or on Amazon – you have to pay Shipping (they used to be Amazon Prime, but don’t seem to be any longer, which is annoying).

So, that kinda sucks if you just wanna try one before you buy a bunch, or – if you only want certain colors like me (Pink & Purple all day) ha! Surprisingly, the Purple is my Fave in the bunch… it’s a really pretty light Lilac. FYI: It looks a little darker in my pics then it actually is.

Toothbrush Sizes

I use the Regular / Standard Size. And, when I travel, I normally just take the Standard with me, unless I’m taking a foldable one (which Nimbus does not have, but I really wish they did!) to save on space in my bag. I didn’t find the Compact to be worth it for me to purchase – if I remember correctly, the head was the only size difference, & it was just too small for my preference. You can check out the actual size differences here. I tried to take a really good close-up so you can get an idea of how superfine & soft the bristles are… hopefully that helps.

Toothbrush Care

The other thing I wanted to mention is that… I, personally don’t throw out my toothbrushes every 6 months. Judge me if you want – but, I think it’s really wasteful. They just end up in these huge piles in Landfills. To counteract that, I’ve tried several different brands of the Bamboo ones, & just can’t get down with them. No matter what I do, they make me want to Gag like Tongue Depressors at the Doctors Office! No bueno.

So, to extend the life these – I sanitize them weekly by throwing them in the Dishwasher (in the Silverware Rack), or, multiple times a week if I feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I only toss them when I feel like it’s beginning to show some wear, or feel like I need a new one.

My Dentist also told me that I can soak them in Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide overnight to Sanitize it as well. I just fill a small glass with just enough Peroxide to cover the head of my Toothbrush, & let it sit overnight. Then, I give it a quick rinsey-rinse, & brush as usual with one of my 2 Favorite Flouride-Free Toothpastes, like: BOKA Ela Mint Toothpaste with Hydroxyapatite or Kiss My Face Sensitive Flouride-Free Toothpaste.

At the end of the day, I’ve tried tons of different toothbrushes… from super expensive, sonic ones, to all of the usual ones you can find in any drug store, and I promise… these are THE BEST! I’m thrilled with how well they work, & how gentle they are. And, for the record – it’s not a wishy-washy Toothbrush either… it definitely holds it’s own, & holds up for a long time, which is pretty impressive! At this point, I’ve repurchased multiple times, & I definitely recommend giving them a shot if you just want a more gentle, all-around clean!

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