My Go-To Amazon Products, Prime Discounts & Shopping Tips!

Many of you have asked if I ever shop on Amazon for Health, Wellness & Beauty Products… and, the answer is YES!

I LOVE Amazon. And, while I also love supporting small businesses, shipping fees can really start to add up after awhile! But, since I already have Amazon Prime – I’ve been going that route a little more, lately. Plus, I found out that a lot of my favorite brands actually already sell on there, anyway. So, it’s kind of a win-win for me! So, with that being said – I’ve put together a list of all of my favorite #AmazonFinds for you! But, first things first!

Amazon Prime Membership

Gurrrl, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, you are missing out! Grab an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial here, where you’ll get things like: fast, FREE, Two-Day, One-Day, or Same-Day Delivery. Options for 2-hour Grocery Delivery, from places like Whole Foods Market or Amazon Fresh. Instant Streaming of Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Online Photo Storage, etc. And, depending on the Membership, you can share it within your Household as well! I really just use it for the all the Shipping and Grocery benefits though, and… of course, to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!

✔️ Discounted Amazon Prime Membership (50% OFF!): FYI, you can also get Amazon Prime at discounted rates  for both, select Government Assistant Recipients, as well as Students! This is a great deal if you qualify for either of these things!

✔️ Finding Amazon Prime Eligible Items: When searching on Amazon, always check-off, or select “Prime” (usually located on the top left) so it only shows me items that are Prime eligible. This helps make sure that you get that fast, free shipping, and free returns!

Free Returns

One of the things I love most about Amazon, is their Return Policy! It’s so hard to buy things online these days – especially without being able to see it, and feel it, in-person.

To Return most items, you can either call them, or just head to Returns & Orders on your Account, select the item you want to return, let them know why you’re returning it (or request a replacement), pop it back into the box / envelope it came in (I save them until I’m sure I’m keeping the item), put the label on it, and drop it off in a Mailbox, or leave it outside for a Pickup.

✔️ Free Returns: If an Amazon Prime item is damaged, isn’t as expected, or isn’t as described, you can usually return it (or get a replacement) – for Free! If you’re buying from a third-party seller (more on that below) they also have their A-to-Z Guarantee. Check each item’s listing to be sure though, as some Beauty, Health, and Wellness items don’t qualify for returns.

Finding Reputable Sellers

I of course, always prefer to buy directly from Amazon (with Amazon being the Seller), but when it comes to certain product categories (like Vitamins and Supplements, for example), you often only have the option to buy from a third-party, or – other Sellers, which can be a little scary sometimes. One thing I’m seeing more and more of these days though, is that many brands either sell on Amazon themselves, or, have Authorized Resellers on there (so, you know you’re getting legit products).

✔️ Finding Authorized Resellers: You can usually find out, by reaching out to the brand directly (email, call, DM), to see if there’s anyone on there that they recommend. Or, by clicking on the Seller’s Storefront link on the Amazon listing. It should say something like: Visit the ___ Store (at the top of the listing). Sometime’s they’ll note that they’re a Licensed / Authorized Reseller.

✔️ Check Seller’s Feedback Ratings: Another thing you can do, is click on the Sellers / Other Sellers box, and see what their Feedback Rating is on their Seller Profile (both positive & negative). If several people say they’ve never received the items they’ve ordered, or have received damaged items – its a red flag, and a total no-go for me! I realize things happen, but if it’s several people in a row – I’d buy from someone else.

Product Reviews

✔️ Reviews & Pictures: One of the things that’s helped me the most is reading the reviews, and looking at all the pictures in them (if there are any). I usually start with the 1-Star Reviews, and work my way up (this way, I see what the worst that can happen is, haha)! I also like to select “Most Recent”, incase there’s a bad batch, quality and packaging issues, or anything that I should be aware of! I’ve learned so many different ways to use products that I never thought of, or – discovered things that were total deal-breakers for me. Highly recommend starting here, right after reading all of the product details!

Amazon Discounts

I love a good deal, but never knew these things existed on Amazon, until a few years ago! So, I wanted to share…

✔️ Amazon Coupons: Just clip, add the item to you cart, and the discount is automatically applied at checkout! Sometimes you can even find several Organic items!

✔️ Amazon Outlet: Tons of overstocked items, at under-budget prices!

✔️ Amazon Warehouse: Great deals on pre-owned, used and open-box products!

✔️ Amazon Best Sellers Lists: If you’re on the hunt for something, and want to know which item is the most popular, check out the Best-Sellers in each category!

✔️ Amazon Trade-In: Trade-in used items, for an Amazon Gift Card, plus 20-25% Off new, Amazon Devices.


I recently spent some time going through ALL my past purchases (organizing them by category), so you can shop all my Amazon Go-To’s, in one place now! FYI: all of the items listed on my Amazon Influencer Page, are things I actually own, use and love!

And… because I know how long it took to put my Amazon Influencer Store together, I’ll definitely be keeping up with it now! So, as I buy things, I’ll add them to the list! Hope this helps make someones life a little easier!

Shop my Favorite Amazon Finds! 

Have any Favorite Amazon Influencer Pages or Tips? Drop them below!
Happy Shopping!
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    I love the free return agreemen with Amazon. Other marketplace don’t have this and it’s if the items delivered are not the ones you ordered.

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    July 4, 2023 at 7:27 am

    Thank you for giving insights. I will try that when I order again.

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