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Microbe Formulas Foundational Protocol

I initially came across the Microbe Formulas Detox Protocol on IG, where I saw many of the Functional MD’s & highly reputable Wellness Influencers that I followed, using (CellCore BioSciences – their almost completely identical Practitioner line) with great results! And, after years of putting off a Parasite Cleanse myself, – trying everything else under-the-sun to “get better” (and still feeling stuck!)… I finally decided to give it a shot!

Microbe Formulas

Microbe Formulas is based on the Principles that Parasites & blocked Detox Pathways can prevent us from healing, & getting to the Root Cause of Chronic Illnesses like: Lyme Disease, EBV, Mold, & other Autoimmune Issues.

While Parasites are a totally disgusting topic (to me, anyway. Ew! Lol) – I’ve come to terms with the fact that they’re something we all have & live with everyday! And, when we’re unbalanced – it can totally throw our health off-kilter. Many countries around the world even do De-Worming Protocols (once or twice a year) & have for forever now, but for some reason – we don’t practice that here, in the US. But, this is where their insanely popular Full Moon Cleanse comes into play – which I’ll talk more about later, in another post.

Before you get into that though, it’s super-important to go through all of their Protocol Phases in order, to get the most benefit. And, I’m not just saying this because that’s the way they market it… it’s because its the way that this Protocol works BEST! By intentionally peeling back the layers… one-at-a-time, opening up your Detox Pathways (in the most effective order)… and, allowing your body to do what it’s designed to do! Here’s a FAB article that explains all the deets about Drainage 101: why it’s the first step in your Detox Journey!

Microbe Formulas Foundational Protocol: Step 1

The Protocols

Ok, so they have 2 Guided Protocols that you can do on your own, or, with a Doctor – which I love! I initially wanted to do the Foundational Protocol, mainly because I just wanted to fast-track it (and be better already). Plus, it was also less expensive! But, I ultimately decided to do the Comprehensive Protocol because, if I was doing it – I was going all-in!

The Foundational Protocol – for anyone dealing with low levels of chronic symptoms, that come & go. Just the Basics. Meant to be done in 4 “Steps” over 4+ Months.

The Comprehensive Protocol – for those dealing with intense levels of Chronic Illness. A deep-dive into Total Health Restoration. Meant to be done in 5 “Phases” over 10+ Months.

Here’s an example of the differences in the 1st Step / Phase of each Protocol for comparison: The Foundational Step 1 – has 4 core Products in it, vs. The Comprehensive Phase 1 – that has 6 in it (2 additional things, for a deeper level of detox). At the end of the day, both approaches are designed to help you get to the Root Cause. I guess it just depends on how much you’re able to, or, want to invest in it.

Just because that’s what I did, doesn’t mean that’s what you have to do though. Do what you can. You can always start with a few products here & there, or with the Foundational Protocol, & slowly add things along the way. Believe me I get it. It’s definitely an investment. But, just know that following the Protocol as they’ve outlined it, will get you the best results, or – will at least take you as far as you can go with this! And, that’s what I’m banking on!

Photo Cred: Microbe Formulas

The Phases

Here’s a quick summary of the Comprehensive Phases & what they do, since that’s what I ultimately went by. One of the things that initially drew me in, was that all of their ingredients are Organic (except their veggie-caps), and have absolutely no fillers – which was a huge deal for me! Their products are also backed by science too. See all the fancy studies at the bottom of their product pages!

Photo Cred: Microbe Formulas

Starting with Phase 1: DRAINAGE

No matter which Protocol you choose – the first part is all about Drainage no matter what, and, that theme continues throughout the program! Drainage is everything, because the Drainage Pathways work like a “Funnel”. So, if the bottom of the funnel isn’t open… everything else can remain “clogged”, & we can end up re-circulating toxins we’re trying to get rid of.

One thing I didn’t quite realize prior to this was that Detox & Drainage are actually 2 different things. Detox is about removing “chemicals” & things that don’t belong in our bodies. And, Drainage, is about allowing the normal systems of our bodies to “process” them & move them out, naturally. In fact, it can be one of the many reasons people may have extreme Sensitivities & Systemic Reactions, like: Skin Rashes, Nausea, Heart Palpitations, Dizziness, Brain Fog, Joint Pain, etc. So, it’s super important to make sure everything is flowing freely to help minimize Detox, or “Herxheimer” Reactions, & the less likely you’ll feel like crap going through this! Lol.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Intestinal Mover – Naturally designed to encourage, healthy gut motility & elimination while providing gentle, non-habit-forming relief from occasional constipation.
  • TUDCA Plus – Supports liver, digestive, & mitochondrial health. TUDCA is a vital bile acid that supports healthy bile flow. When combined with N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) & melatonin, its benefits are amplified to support your body’s natural antioxidant systems, & BioActive Carbon maximizes its potency.
  • BioActive Carbon BioTox – Aids body’s natural systems for removing common, unwanted microbial byproducts. Supports immune system & sulfur pathways to maintain normal sensitivity levels. Nurtures mitochondrial function & promotes the healthy balance of gut microbiome.
  • BioActive Carbon Minerals – 69 naturally-occurring, plant-derived minerals & a dozen amino acids to support overall detox. Provides building blocks for cellular energy production, & contains 100% organically-complexed, nano-sized molecules, which support their bioavailability.
  • MitoRestore – Harnesses the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts. Formulated to encourage healthy mitochondrial function & ATP (energy) production. Supports cellular energy levels, & aids detoxification. Promotes normal cellular renewal & aids mitochondria in immune system support.
  • Inflamma Calm – A synergistic blend of potent, plant-derived extracts, geared to nurture healthy cells & energy levels. May help support natural defenses against mild, everyday challenges like stress, free radicals, & airborne pollutants. Ideal for those with sensitivities.

Products & Kits

One of the biggest questions I had, was… figuring out the best way to buy what, when! Lol. Initially, it seemed pretty straight forward to just purchase the Kits, but then I was totally confused & overwhelmed when I had to re-stock. The main reason being that if you stagger the starts like I did, you’ll end up running out of things at different times – which is a huge pain!

It’s also usually cheaper to buy the products in the Steps, Phases & Kits, rather than buying them individually. But, at some point, you’ll probably end up having to buy things individually, no matter what. If you aren’t Sensitive, this probably won’t be an issue for you, at least in this Phase anyway. Also, if you’re doing “Aggressive Dosing”, keep in mind that you’ll blow through them much faster too! So, sometimes I needed to double up on bottles, vs. getting a Kit. It’s really just a matter of seeing what you need at the moment.

My only issue, other than the overall cost (which often makes life-changing things like this, inaccessible to those who need it most) is the $99 FREE Shipping threshold. I wish it were a little lower, at like: $50 or $75, because sometimes I only need 1 or 2 things, & they hit right under, which is frustrating. I feel like the Protocol (while definitely worth it) is expensive enough already though, without the added expense.

How to Use Them

You can find their Recommended “Dosage Charts” & Instructions at the bottom of each of their Pages for all sorts of things like: Sensitive, Standard, Aggressive, with Food / without Food, & even for Children – which I found really helpful!

Because I’m extremely Sensitive, I staggered the start of each Supplement – starting a new one, every 3 days, instead of all at once. I also Mirco-Dosed by opening capsules & splitting them into 1/4’s & 1/2’s, & putting them back into empty “00” Veggie Caps. This way, I could pinpoint exactly which one may be causing a reaction, & scale it back until I could tolerate it at full dose… which I was surprisingly able to do, fairly quickly!

Their products are also incredibly versatile! So, in addition to taking them internally – you can also apply them to your Skin Topically, use them in a Coffee Enema Solutions, Saline Sinus Rinses, & Nasal Sprays, etc. – which I was totally fascinated by!

Additional Supplements

For the record, these totally aren’t necessary – but, I found them helpful. Kidney & Liver Support (since I was already taking a similar one, from a different brand), & BioMolecular Oxygen – which I began by using topically on my surgical sites (and absolutely love it on my face!). Aside from my regular, everyday Vitamins though, the only other things I added were – Super Aloe 450 (or Cape Aloe, which is basically the same as Super Aloe 250 if you want 1/2 the dose), & Natural Clam Magnesium Citrate Powder just to help keep things moving, incase Intestinal Mover doesn’t work for you.

Prep & Organization

At this point, I think I’ve pretty much mastered the skill of Supplement Organization since having Cancer – however, this Protocol gave me a run for my money with figuring out exactly what to take when! Lol. I found that prepping & sorting by the week, & keeping them where I take them most– really helped me keep track of what I was running low on, giving me enough time to re-order, & get it in time for the following week!


There are a lot of super-informative articles on their site, as well as access to LWTD (Live With the Doctors) Videos that you can watch on replay when you sign up for a FREE Account. And, their Customer Support is extremely helpful too. In addition, I think they also might have Coaching (which I don’t know too much about, since I didn’t do it). My only peeve is that the amount of info is a little overwhelming, & kind of all over the place… I wish they had it more organized by topic, & all in one spot! But, if you don’t find the answers you’re looking for there – the best Resource I’ve found is their Detox Heroes Facebook Group… where you’ll get a ton of moral support, & help from others in the same boat! I’ve learned so much from the people in there, & I don’t know how I’d get through this without them. Definitely a great resource!


So, one thing I’m living for these days – other than the way these products work, is that you can get Rewards for every dollar you spend! Like, actual Store Credit that you can use towards your next order, & it honestly adds up pretty quickly! When you sign up for an Account, you’ll automatically get a $5 Credit to start. They also give you little “Tasks” where you can earn Rewards Dollars too, like – $1 Credit in exchange for an Instagram or a Facebook Follow, etc.

By my 2nd order, I already had Rewards dollars to use. And, by my 3rd order, I had enough to get a FREE bottle of their MitoRestore (for $59 in credits, instead of paying $79)! So, for me – that kinda softens the financial blow a bit, especially when making such large purchases, like buying the entire Phase or Protocol all at once!

My Experience

I’m going to spare you the details & pics, but if I’ve written this much about it so far – I can assure you that this is NO effing joke! Within the first few weeks on Phase 1, my sugar cravings had completely gone away, without even trying – which was a nice, unexpected side-effect. Muscle aches & joint pain have severely diminished (I believe Inflamma Calm was a total game changer for me, with this). I began to sleep better & longer. And, dry / red, itchy skin almost became a non-issue as well, which was shocking! When I started this journey, I had a laundry list of symptoms – a mile long! And, I’m excited to hopefully be crossing some off the list for good!

PS – Since the company is in the process of transitioning over to new labels, the product images above only include products from Step 1 in the Foundational Protocol, even though this post is mainly about Phase 1 in the Comprehensive Protocol. I didn’t want to post pics with 1/2 of their old labels & 1/2 of their new ones. Will update them as soon as I get some of their newer bottles.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a Doctor, & don’t play one on the Internet! So, this obviously isn’t Medical Advice. Just my personal experience. And, because I know how overwhelming things can be, especially when you’re not feeling well – I wanted to try to break this down, & answer some of the questions I had when first starting this Protocol! Hope this helps!

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Have you ever tried anything from Microbe Formulas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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    Hi! Not sure if you will see this, but I wanted to know what product from the protocol you added in/ tried first? Thanks! :)

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      Hey Abby! The first product I tried from the Protocol was actually InflammaCalm, which isn’t usually used until later on in the Protocol. I just felt like I was in SO MUCH pain, and my body was so inflamed at the time – and, I’d heard that Super-Sensitive people could start with that product, so that’s what I did. It really helped me so much, and I’m still taking it today! The 2nd product I tried was Intestinal Mover, and the 3rd was BioTox. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions! XO 💗✨

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