FYI | Beauty Product Labels, Revisited

When purchasing beauty products online, make sure you compare the advertised ingredients to the ingredient list on the package you’ve received.

Currently, there is no law stating that companies have to notify consumers when reformulating their products. Manufacturers sometimes have back stock they need to get rid of or new stock they want to roll out before they’ve had a chance to update their websites.

So… you may actually be getting a completely different product than you thought you were purchasing, even as a conscious consumer.

Sneaky, right?

I don’t like that game either.

First + foremost I buy products based on what’s in them + what makes them work.

I get that business is business, but ingredients are often a deal-breaker for me. What may be right for the company, may not be right for me… and I want the right to decide… not to feel like a company I trusted pulled a fast one on me.

In my perfect (Glamorganic) world, proper reformulation etiquette would be to: post both the old + the new lists on their site with a love note stating that “you may receive either, or until the last bottle is sold”. Then the consumer can make an informed decision based on what’s best for them.

The same rules apply when re-purchasing a product you already use + love. Save the empties until you replace them + compare the ingredients before you use them.

You’d be surprised how often I’ve come across this.

I’m even surprised.

If you’re an ingredient snob like I am, contact the company directly… prior to purchasing + request the most current + complete ingredient lists. Ask about their return policy, just in case.

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