Fabulous Tip | Take an Organic Milk Bath

Cleopatra did!

So, word on the street is that milk is known for it’s nourishing properties. Back in the day (ancient day) milk was used to clean and improve the look and feel of your skin. Apparently, Miss Cleopatra herself bathed in it quite frequently. Who knew? OK, it might have been camel’s milk instead of cow’s milk… and probably not organic like we know it today either… it was the OG, REAL-Deal Organic… but you get the idea.

Here’s the lowdown: the different types of acids in milk are really beneficial for your skin and cells… like lactic acid is a really great cleanser and hydroxy acid is a wonderful exfoliant. They help to remove the old cells and roll out the red carpet for the new ones. Also, protein and other vitamins along with the high fat content in the milk also make your skin super-soft and super-smooth. You will totally feel the difference once you step out of the bathtub. Trust me.

Truth be told: I usually only take a milk bath ONLY when we have milk leftover in the fridge that is going to expire past the sell by date or already has expired (but is not sour yet). Rather than pouring it down the drain, I use it in my bath. Don’t judge until you try it.

I have to admit, at first I was a little apprehensive about it. I tend to get skeeved when things pass the “sell by date”. My family actually makes fun of me. I raid everyone’s fridge I go into, checking expiration dates especially since my boyfriend had terrible food poisoning a few years ago. So, just the thought of milk and hot water – thinking it would curdle or smell sour, but it actually didn’t.

I have mixed it with several different things so far. Like: Bubble & Bee Organic Body Wash, Aztec Indian Healing Bentonite Clay, Himalayan Salt, Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint 18-in-1 Castle Soap. What? I wanted it to feel luxurious and bubbly LOL… I use visual imagery to pretend I’m in one of those champagne glass bathtubs (ha-ha, I wish)! I’ve also heard of cocoa powder (yummy), raw honey, fresh mint, rose, lavender or geranium petals, fruit, essential oils, etc. Be creative!

1. Draw a warm – hot bath.
2. Take any leftover (preferably Organic) Milk, Half + Half or Heavy Cream, etc. from your fridge.
3. Pour it in as your filling the tub.
4. Relax.
Mewwwwww… xo
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