DIY BEAUTY: MSM & Vitamin C Mask

MSM & Vitamin C Mask

I like this mask because it has a little bit of everything – it’s a little hydrating, a little brightening, a little exfoliating, and… it leaves me with the softest, smoothest skin! Also, if you like this one, it’s a slight variation of another one of my favorite DIY’s from Now Foods – their Manuka Honey & Vitamin C Mask. So, check it out!

  1. Add the MSM & Vitamin C Powders, Vegetable Glycerin, Manuka Honey & Vitamin E Oil to the bowl, and stir well to blend.
  2.  Next, keep adding Red Clay Powder in small amounts, until it really thickens up… this is what’s gonna keep it on your face, otherwise it’ll be too runny.
  3. Then, sprinkle in a few drops of hot, filtered water – just enough to make it pliable.
  4. Apply a thin layer, leaving on for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Rinse well, and apply moisturizer! I’ve been loving Now’s Wrinkle Rescue Moisturizer, and their 2-in-1 Correcting Eye Cream.

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Have you ever tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below!
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