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If you read The GG at all, you know that there aren’t enough ways I can profess my love for this USDA Organic brand! Fortunately, Bubble + Bee Organic was one of the first natural + organic personal care companies I came across on my journey into clean beauty – so, this love affair runs deep!

Here are my top Bubble + Bee picks! 

Facial Cleansers – I love + use all of Bubble + Bee’s Facial Cleansers in the morning, + have a tendency to switch them up depending of my skin’s current needs. For some reason, I love the Pineapple Enzyme because it smells so damn good, but, on the other hand – my skin feels much better when using the other two, which, BTW – I like to switch out seasonally. Cool Cucumber in the Summer + Honey + Rosehip in the Winter. See a review here.

Facial Toners – My boyfriend swears by the Splash of Lime Toning Mist as an aftershave, + I use it after facial masks, as a makeup primer, or to set my makeup. You can read more about how I do that + see a review here. And, they just came out with a brand spankin’ new Organic Witch Hazel, that’s next up on my list to check out!

Deodorants – These are B + B’s babies! USDA organic Deodorants – that work, are what they’re best known for, + there’s a FAB reason why! They guarantee to help you find one that works, + believe everyone’s body has different chemistry! In the beginning, I started out using their Geranium Lime ‘Pit Putty Stick {but it crumbles in the winter months. Sad face.}, so on the daily I switch between their Spearmint + Tea Tree Spray Deo + their ‘Pit Putty Creams. Generally, I stick to these: Spearmint + Tea Tree, Jasmint, + Geranium + Lime because they work best for my body. See a review here + here.

Body Butters – B + B’s Body Butters are delish! Legit, like cake frosting… that you can rub all over your body, Lol. Don’t judge me. The funny thing is though, that when I first try one of their scents – I’m always so loyal to that particular one… then I try a new one… + swear by that. They just keep getting better + better! My fist love was their signature Coconut + Lime, but then I got my hands on some Raspberry + Vanilla with was “the one” for the longest time. Then, for Christmas I got a Sugar + Spice one + was hooked on that like a crack-head, but it was seasonal. So I tried their Orange Vanilla for my next fix! My most recent fling is with the Lavender Vanilla, which I never thought I’d like, BTW {not really a fan of lavender} – but it’s almost empty, + I’m already jonesing for a new one! The only two I haven’t tried yet are the Sweet Jasmine + the Unscented. See a review here, here + here. 

Lotion Sticks – I’ve tried several other brands of lotion stick {for reviewing purposes}, but none have ever made the cut! So these are for sure, my go-to’s for that! The lotion sticks are a must-have in my winter skin arsenal, especially if you’re like me + wash your hands a lot! They’re the perfect consistency… they glide on easily, but aren’t too waxy, or too greasy, + work best on damp skin. I always have at least one of these on my desk, in my bag + by my bed! Usual suspect-scents for me are: Rude Raspberry, Pomegranate Kiss, + Coconut + Lime. I haven’t tried any of the others yet, but plan to! See a review here.

Shower Gels – My boyfriend + I both love these, so they’re pretty impossible to keep stocked in our house! Our go-to’s for these are the Fresh Orange + the Squeezed Lime, + we buy the 16 oz. sizes to get the biggest bang for our buck! I also go back + forth with the Foamer Bottle… sometimes I use it, + other times I just use it directly from the bottle – kinda like drinking milk outta the carton. So badass. Lol. See a review here + here. 

Lip Balms – Like the lotion sticks, the quality of these is incredible. You won’t find yourself having to re-apply a thousand times a day, because it gets the job done right – the first time! Or… unless, you just like the taste of it like I do. Haha. I’ve only tried the Coconut + Lime, + the Rude Raspberry. The rest are on my laundry list to try, on my next binge. See a review here. 

Bug Repellant – Bugs really love me, + this spray saved me from those endless summer nights of scratching my skin off! Read more about why you should score a bottle of this instead of the other “natural” brands, here. See a review here.

Scrubs – I’ve only ever tried the Raspberry Lemonade one + have kind of just stuck to it, because I adore it. It smells awesome, + is really amazing for mani’s + pedis! Sometimes I use it on the rest of my body too, but my legs are little sensitive to the salt, so I tend to lean a little more towards sugar scrubs – except Bubble + Bee doesn’t make any of those. Love these for mani-pedi’s though! See a review here. 

Bath Salts – Ahhh baths! Baths are one of my favorite beauty rituals, and Bubble + Bee’s Bath Salts do not disappoint. Ok, I lied. The only disappointing thing is that they don’t come in bigger sizes! I love all of them, so I highly recommend purchasing the Gift Pack! See a review here.

Bubble Bath – B + B recently came out with a super-soothing Peppermint + Honey Bubble Bath, which I love! So refreshing + relaxing – all at the same time! So, check it out!

Flax Seeds – Now, you might think Flax Seeds aren’t a beauty item, but… they can be! When I was diagnosed with Cancer, my doctor told me to eat at least 2 Tbsps of High Quality Flax Seeds per day to help regulate my hormones. Regulating your hormones can also help control hormone-related acne, + the FlaxPro Flax seeds are a little hidden gem for this. Over the past few years I’ve tried several different brands, + the taste of these is incomparable. Another great thing about this particular brand, is that they don’t have to be ground , or kept cold in order for you to reap the benefits! In addition, these taste super-nutty, + I actually snack on these throughout the day, as per Stephanie’s recommendations. I got the Golden Flax Seeds I’ve never been able to eat any other variety straight like this. So, I highly recommend these to help with hormonal acne, in addition to anything your using topically, + of course, changing your diet!

Seasonal Items – B + B definitely keeps you on your toes with a constant craving for their seasonal items! I’m talking things like Baked Apple Spice Lathering Salt Scrub, Sugar + Spice Body Butter, Maple Brown Sugar + Spices orange Wassail Soaps. See what’s in season here! 

One of the best parts about shopping at B + B, is that almost everything they sell is organic + that they sell sample sizes of just about everything. And, if you get a chance, check out their Chemical of the Day Blog! It’s one of the most useful ingredient resources out there!


Plus, Shop Bubble + Bee’s BIG SALE, NOV 9th – 16th, 2014! They only do it once a year, so get your Holiday Gifts NOW! Get 30% OFF starting on November 9th + 10th, then discount drops to 25% OFF on TUES, 20% OFF on WED, 15% OFF on THURS + 10% OFF on FRI! New items ae added daily + don’t miss the “Deal of the Day”!

Have you ever tried anything from Bubble + Bee Organic? What are your Faves?
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  • Reply
    November 10, 2014 at 5:52 am

    Yay!! saw it in my email, Thank you for the reminder!! Need to get some face wash. Think I will be trying the one I have yet to try yet, the rosehip, but love them all. I love the coconut lime body butta! & the the cucumber lime toner…great in the summer! i love their face cream. I love that the products so not disrupt your hormones! Thankful & love the smells… Oh & the hard shampoo also, I just don’t use the vinegar rinse, I pre-condition with coconut oil & use a drop of conditioner. XoX Thank you for Everything you do!!

  • Reply
    November 10, 2014 at 6:29 am

    I have been using their deo and have been very pleased! I need to get on trying their other products.

  • Reply
    Jana c
    December 4, 2014 at 11:23 am

    Wow, these look fantastic! I have never heard of this particular brand before but I will definitely be trying them all out! Thanks for the amazing list :-)

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