Organic Fiji is a skincare + nutritional company that uses certified USDA organic, cold pressed, raw coconut oil as their main, active ingredient – to create beautiful, island inspired products. Their carefully chosen ingredients are clean + ethically sourced, including their aromatic fragrances – which are made only from natural + organic essential oils. Organic Fiji’s products are also biodegradable, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty free + packaged responsibly.

Organic Fiji’s product line includes USDA organic coconut oils for your hair + entire body, coconut oil lotions, soaps, lip balms, sugar scrubs, a salt scrub, a nutritional oil + more!

Their mission is to spread the word about the benefits true organic coconut, while staying true to their commitment of ethical ingredient sourcing + production methods, being completely transparent + giving back to the environment by supporting various conservation projects.

Their aim is to create a high-performing product line that uses only the earth’s purest ingredients, + so that they can bring the benefits + traditions of island life to the whole entire family. And their objective is to never compromise the quality, performance or cleanliness of their ingredients.

Organic Fiji was born after its founder first fell in love with the simplicity of island life. While traveling in Fiji, he noticed how the locals all had beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Their secret was coconut oil. Not the artificial or bleached coconut oil he’d seen before, but certified organic, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. He learned from the locals how they used it in all aspects of their daily routines – in beauty, personal care, family health, cooking + more. Read more about their story here. 

Organic Fiji’s coconut oil comes from a socially responsible private reserve plantation that’s 130 years old + is tucked away in the volcanic mountains – overlooking the waves of the South Pacific. Their coconuts are grown on rich, high altitude soil, offering pure nutrients from perfect weather conditions + are hand-harvested. The coconut oil is then extracted using a cold-pressed method, locking in it’s molecular structure to produce certified organic coconut oil. Many other companies use a heat extraction method because it’s a lot cheaper + produces more oil – but it destroys many of it’s unique benefits in the process.

Their plantation also provides energy for the property + the surrounding community by burning the discarded coconut husks. It operates under fair trade rules, selling coconut oil at market price, + offering fair wages to all its employees. In addition, each working family also receives an acre of land to grow their own food on. How cool is that?!

Their coconut oil is totally raw, unrefined + extra virgin, giving you all the first-pressed goodness without any bleaching or altering. Organic Fiji has been certified USDA organic (for over 11 years now, making them highly experienced in the clean living movement) by one of the most highly respected certifying agents – Oregon Tilth. This certifying agency looks at all products + ingredients with a highly regimented food standard, which means that personal care items don’t get any special treatment or conditions for passing. In addition, their nutritional oil is certified Kosher by Star-K, + is Bestowed Certified as a clean + allergy friendly.

Organic Fiji’s products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten free, biodegradable, wilderness, marine, + reef safe. This ensures that whenever you’re on an adventure in nature’s playground, the products you put on your skin will not negatively affect the ecology + wildlife around you. The brand stands firmly against animal testing, with the exception of letting their pups taste-test the quality of the nutritional coconut oil (which they highly recommend for pet nutrition + grooming!)

Organic Fiji believes the earth offers us a natural apothecary to use, enjoy + heal from, so they don’t use any toxic or harmful ingredients including (but not limited to): GMOs, PEGs, parabens, phenothyethonol, phylates, sulfates, artificial colours, fragrances, + flavors, animal byproducts, or any other synthetic elements. They also encourage their customers to be conscious of the products they use, as well as where those products come from, + where they’ll go after disposal. Get more deets about their ingredients here.

Organic Fiji is extremely dedicated to having an eco friendly production + shipping cycle. They use the highest quality BPA-free containers, which are recyclable after use, + they avoid adding any unnecessary, additional packaging – such as outer boxes to keep materials to a minimum. They also use biodegradable packaging peanuts, recyclable materials, + try to reuse anything they’ve received as well.

Shipping + Returns

Orders of $49+ are eligible for Free US (+ U.S territories) Standard Shipping. Faster shipping options are available at checkout. Orders $49 + under are a flat rate of $9.95 for standard shipping within the U.S. They can ship outside the US, but they must be placed via phone, fax or email, rather than through their website.

Organic Fiji is proud of their products, so they guarantee product satisfaction + friendly customer service. Refunds + returns are considered on a case by case basis, + you’ll always be greeted by a real person with a healthy helping of island vibes.

Organic Fiji has a sample program so that you can try before you buy – for $10. The sample pack includes a collection of 5 soap samples, 2 lotion samples, a scrub sample + a coupon for 20% OFF, plus $5 OFF your first order! Get more info about their sample program here! 

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