I began using these little Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C packets from LivOn Labs when my Integrative MD recommended them to me – to take in between IV Vitamin C drips, after my 2nd Breast Cancer diagnosis. And, I haven’t been without them since. So, I wanted to give you a little background on why they’re such an important part of my supplement regimen.

LivOn Labs has created an easy, affordable way to get the benefits of high-dose vitamins & nutrients (which can be difficult to absorb via traditional oral methods), through their liposome encapsulation technology – especially important for anyone taking medications, or going through treatments that deplete vital nutrients.

LivOn Labs is the first supplement company to use Liposomal Encapsulation technology to maximize absorption of critical nutrients. Their patented Lypo-Spheric technique encapsulates nutrients — which are ordinarily difficult to absorb when taken orally — in double-layer spheres (liposomes) that pass through the intestinal wall, & into the bloodstream.

Behind The Brand

The company was founded by Les & Cindy Nachman in 2004 – after Les received IV Vitamin C treatments as part of his regimen to help recover from life-threatening Heart Failure. Doctors told him to get his affairs in order, & that if he didn’t get a heart transplant – he would die. On the advice of a maverick cardiologist & renowned virologist/epidemiologist, he began making lifestyle modifications that included Intravenous Vitamin C (3 x’s per week). Les calls the results of the IV C treatments nothing short of  “miraculous“, as he no longer needed a transplant. But, the discomfort, costs, & 8-hour drive from his home, meant that he had a lot less time to enjoy his new life.

With 35 years in the dietary supplement industry, Les was convinced there had to be an easier, more affordable way to get high doses of Vitamin C without the major gastric distress that come along with large doses of traditional, oral pills & powders.

He came across liposomal encapsulation technology (or, LET), which the pharmaceutical industry had been using for years to administer Cancer Drugs. For two years, Les & Cindy worked with tons of scientists, PhDs, & manufacturers to apply this method to dietary nutrients, until they had a product that delivered high-dose Vitamin C to the cells. They caught the attention of Dr. Thomas E. Levy — one of the foremost Vitamin C researchers, authors, & speakers — who said that comparing “all other Oral Vitamin C delivery with LivOn’s oral liposomal delivery is like comparing a squirt gun to a fire hose.”

From then on, Cindy was on a mission to “heal the world” by introducing their Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C to people in a similar situations, & processed orders from their garage in the beginning. Customers had finally experienced the benefits of Vitamin C (as traditional oral supplements are poorly absorbed in the body), & the difference that the LivOn Vitamin C was making in their health.

So, it just made sense for Les & Cindy to take a look at other nutrients (that are also difficult to absorb). They added B Complex Plus, Glutathione, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl L-Carnitine, & Magnesium L-Threonate to their liposomal supplement line-up. They formed a network of regional distributors, enabling them to make the products available all over the world. Read more about their story, here.

One thing I love about LivOn Labs is that they only use ingredients that are absolutely necessary, to make the products work.

All of their products are manufactured with recyclable cartons in the US, in a GMP complaint facility. And, each formula spends at least two years in research & development – with formulators who have over 25 years of experience in Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET).

Throughout production & packaging – each batch is monitored & tested at critical points to look for active ingredient content – microbiological agents, heavy metals, & other potential contaminants. After each batch is packaged, they evaluate the physical characteristics of each sample, & then conduct an additional round of testing for active ingredient content, & microbiological agents once more. They only release finished products after their Quality team has determined the product meets their exact specifications. When a formula is finally approved, LivOn is confident it will consistently produce a stable liposomal product, with superior encapsulation efficiency.

LivOn Labs only uses Soy Lecithin from Identity Preserved soybeans to extract the phospholipids that make up their liposomes. Identity Preservation monitors each phase in an agricultural product’s lifecycle from seed to sale: planting, growing, harvesting, processing, shipping, storage, & packing. Identity Preserved crops are grown far from other varieties, including GMO crops. Equipment is cleaned prior to harvesting the Identity Preserved crops to avoid cross-contamination.

A note about the Soy in these products – LivOn Labs claims that they “use highly purified phospholipids derived from soy lecithin. Virtually all phytoestrogens, proteins, and other phytochemicals found in whole, unprocessed soy beans are removed during this extraction process.” You can find more info about their ingredients & processes here. You can read more about what Liposomes are, & how they work here – as well as what Phospholipids do.



Ingredients They Don’t Use

  • Sugar – Sugar, in any form is a known inhibitor of nutrient absorption. The proteins that transport Vitamin C prefer to transport Glucose, so if you take a Vitamin C supplement with sugar in it, a lot of the Vitamin C will get left behind, & will be excreted from your body.
  • Animal Products – LivOn wants their products to be accessible to everyone. A few of their products (Alpha Lipoic Acid, B Complex Plus, & Acetyl L-Carnitine) are highly beneficial to anyone eating a Plant-Based Diet, & they want to make sure that they can take them.
  • Fillers, Colorants, or Artificial Flavors – Are simply to make supplements look & taste good. LivOn says they’ve designed their products to work, not to look pretty on Instagram! And they’re also vitamins for adults, so they don’t think they need to be a tasty treat.
  • Gluten – People with Celiac & Gluten Sensitivity may to have a lot of trouble absorbing nutrients, & they want to make sure that they can benefit from their products too!

Shipping & Returns

LivOn Labs ships Internationally, but they have FREE US Shipping on all orders purchased directly through them. All of their products are also backed by a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, so – if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can just return the unused portion (for FREE) for a full refund of the purchase price. Read more about their Shipping & Return Policy here.


LivOnLabs.com or, grab LivOn Labs on Amazon!

Have you ever tried anything from LivOn Labs? Let us know in the comments below!

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