Where is Beyond Yoga Made? Everything You Need to Know About The Label’s Sourcing and Sustainability
Photo Cred: Levi Strauss

Where is Beyond Yoga Made? Everything You Need to Know About The Label’s Sourcing and Sustainability

In addition to cardio, one of the ways I like to stay active, and get in shape these days – is by doing yoga. It’s one of best ways to work out, because it not only exercises the body, but also the mind, and soul. Kinda like, a combo of stretching, toning, controlled breathing, and meditation – with a side of stress relief. I mean, in terms of gentle, yet powerful movement, what more could you ask for, right?

Yoga Clothes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working out in my PJ’s and sweats these last few years, Thanks to Youtube Yoga Gurus like: Bady Yogi, Erin Motz, and Peloton’s: Ross RayburnKristin McGee, & Aditi Shah! And, while lounge wear is almost always where its at – the first step to taking workouts more seriously, is having the right clothes! Baggy shirts and wide pant legs can ride-up during Down Dogs, and be really distracting in the middle of a flow – so, I’ve found that something that’s comfy, breathable, and fitted just enough, is key! Hellooo, athleisure wear! My Mom and I have both been living in it lately (although she uses an under desk elliptical + treadmill, instead – and is doing great at 80!). FYI: yoga clothes are also great for getting your Red Light Therapy on, too!

When Does Beyond Yoga Have Sales?

Photo Cred: Levi Strauss 

About Beyond Yoga

Speaking of yoga clothes… have you heard of Beyond YogaThey’re a size-inclusive, sustainable, luxury women’s activewear brand – that’s known for their premium, buttery soft yoga leggings! They create comfortable athletic wear, made from the highest quality material, to fit every woman (all shapes and sizes, ranging from XXS to 4X) – including yoga pants, leggings, jackets, tops, tanks, and sports bras.

Who Owns Beyond Yoga?

Beyond Yoga is a women-owned brand, founded by CEO Michelle Wahler, and, CCO Jodi Guber Brufsky, who have had growing success through both wholesale, and e-commerce – due to their passion for  recognizing, and honoring real women’s bodies (FYI: their photos are never retouched!), and representing that in their clothing. They’ve also had an obsession with not only making women feel good in their own skin, but comfortable in their clothing as well. 

Where is Beyond Yoga Made?

Beyond Yoga is made in Los Angeles. And, whether you’re serious about working out, or – you live in athleisure wear (like I do), chances are you’re going to sweat in it, daily! So, knowing where a brand makes their clothing, as well the quality of fabrics and materials is important – especially, when you’re spending a lot of money on it

Where to Buy Beyond Yoga Discounts Sales

Photo Cred: Levi Strauss 

Is Beyond Yoga a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Yep! Beyond Yoga is a sustainable fashion brand that not only cares about the quality of their yoga clothes, and how they make women feel – but, they also care about their impact on the environment too! Check out Beyond Yoga’s sustainable manufacturing practices!

Beyond Yoga’s Blue Sign Certification

Beyond Yoga has a Blue Sign certification, which is the strictest chemical safety requirement for textiles. This helps environmentally-friendly brands, make sure that anything harmful to us, or the planet, is kept out of the manufacturing process. It’s also helps conscious companies, and sustainable fashion brands create healthier products for their customers, and protect their workers from being exposed to harmful chemicals, as well as operate more efficiently by using less water, less energy, and producing less pollution for the planet.

What is Beyond Yoga’s Carbon Footprint?

To reduce it’s carbon footprint, Beyond Yoga also uses Tencel Modal (made from the fiber yield of beechwood trees, which is twice as comfortable as cotton, and it uses less fertilizer, waterless printing (on all of their best-selling, printed leggings), and ship with 100% recycled polybags. 

What is Beyond Yoga, Where is Beyond Yoga Made, Who Owns Beyond Yoga?

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Where to Buy Beyond Yoga

Luckily, there are a ton of places you can purchase Beyond Yoga from! They’re a Levi Strauss partner, and their leggings can be purchased directly from their website, or, at any one of more than 1,050 retail stores like: Nordstrom, REI, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Neiman Marcus, as well as sites like Shopbop, Poshmark, and Ebay, and, a ton of other high-end, fashion and outdoor stores! 

When Does Beyond Yoga Have Sales?

Of course, they do because – who doesn’t love a sale? To get the best deals on Beyond Yoga (like, 50-60% OFF!), I highly recommend checking their site frequently for sales and clearance items – especially around the holidays! You can find heavily discounted prices on their older designs, and collections. And, on the “Sale” tab, you can narrow it down by category too!  

What’s on my Beyond Yoga Wish List!



Have you ever purchased anything from Beyond Yoga? What are your Faves?
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