BEAUTY SMOOTHIE | Blueberry, Banana + Avocado Smoothie

When people make the switch over to a healthier lifestyle, one of the very first things they ask me is if I make smoothies + what kind I make. So, since I make smoothies several times a week – I figured I’d start posting about some of them, incase you guys are interested + aren’t sure where to start.

Due to the protocol I’m currently on… I’m currently trying to increase my healthy fats, omegas + fiber… so, this morning – this is what I came up with. Truthfully, I wasn’t really feeling any greens today, but normally Frozen Spinach would be a great addition!

Most of the time I’m not using any real recipes… I’m just grabbing what I already have in the house, + with experience you’ll also learn how much to add of each item to get the taste you want + to make them more palatable. Feel free to mix + match these ingredients, add more of what you like, eliminate what you don’t like / don’t have, etc. You get the drift. 😉

Throughout my recipes, you’ll notice that I do most of my shopping for smoothie ingredients at Costco, BJ’s, Whole Foods, or on Amazon. And, I always try have stuff ready to go in my house so that there aren’t any excuses not to have a healthy breakfast, or even some mid-afternoon sweets!

Blueberry, Banana + Avocado Smoothie

High in Healthy Fats, Omegas + Fiber!

  1. Toss all of these ingredients into your Vitamix, or high-speed blender, adding liquids last!
  2. Blend away… until smooth!

And… there you have it! Cheers! 😋🥤✨

I also wanted to note that this is a rather sweet recipe for me… I normally stick to smoothies with lower amounts natural sugars in them, especially for breakfast – so I added some cinnamon to help balance out my blood sugar. Hope you enjoy!

Do you have any go-to Smoothie Recipes that are high in healthy fats, omegas + fiber? If so, let us know in the comments below!
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    Rachel R
    December 10, 2018 at 11:23 am

    Looks great!

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