I’m a huge fan of Annmarie Skin Care, and have been using their products for years! So, I wanted to let you know about this exciting little Trial Set, featuring some of their Best-Selling Skincare Products – for only $20! It’s only available until December 31st, 2021 though!

3-Step Skincare Trial Set

(Plus, 2 Bonus Products, and a Code for $10 OFF!)

I love when Sample Sets are available from brands (even if you have to buy them), because I think it’s a great way to see if you like them, before taking the plunge into full-sizes! Plus, many of the items in this set, fall into my all-time FAVES! Their Exfoliating Scrub is one of the most effective I’ve ever tried, and their Serums and Oils – are absolutely amazing! You can also get more in depth reviews (of most) of these, in my Annmarie Skin Care Top Picks! These normally sell for about $40 (combined), so – I think it’s definitely worth checking out! Plus, you’ll also get a Code for $10 OFF your next Purchase!

Aloe-Herb Cleanser

(Travel Size)

Cleanse & lift excess oil with this lightweight and pH-balanced, aloe vera-based cream cleanser. Infused with beautiful herbs & a light blend of natural oils containing EFA’s (essential fatty acids), that keeps your skin naturally nourished & hydrated. And, it gently removes makeup & impurities without drying or leaving any residue! Features ingredients like: calendula, neem, helichrysum, lavender, certified organic aloe vera juice. I love this Cleanser, especially first thing in the morning!

Anti-Aging Serum

(Travel Size)

A firming and hydrating elixir that provides active nutrients for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid hydrates, while herbal extracts of buddleja davidii & edelweiss protect from environmental stressors. Life everlasting flowers soothe & refresh. Features ingredients like: Natural hyaluronic acid, buddleja extract, life everlasting flowers, & rose distillate. I pretty much always have this Serum in rotation!

Anti-Aging Oil

(Sample Size)

A luminous moisturizing oil, and one of my favorite Facial Oils! Made with antioxidant-rich seed oils like, chia, goji berry, & broccoli that firm & tighten, while reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Features ingredients like: Jojoba oil, chia, goji berry, broccoli, acai fruit, gingko & plantago. The smell is intoxicating! And, I love using it with Annmarie’s handcrafted Jade RollerGua-Sha Lifting Stone!

Kaolin Micro Exfoliant Scrub

(Sample Size)

Creamy Exfoliating Facial Scrub – for instantly calm, and polished skin! Made with re-mineralizing green Kaolin clay & Diatomaceous earth promote a smooth, soft exfoliant – that stimulates, replenishes minerals, & removes impurities. Features ingredients like: saponified oils, sage, lemongrass, diatomaceous earth, organic aloe vera, green tea extract, Kaolin clay.

Charcoal Cacao Mask

(Sample Size)

This activated antioxidant detoxifying treatment is formulated with cooling, gentle clays, and nourishing botanicals that help clear your complexion, like: organic aloe vera, raw cacao, and coconut charcoal, visibly improving texture, tone, and radiance. Hydrating aloe locks in moisture, while coconut charcoal draws out deep impurities. Turmeric’s bioactive compounds leave skin feeling calm, making this mask perfect for sensitivities. Cacao delivers complex nutrients for healthy skin, visibly improving texture, tone, and radiance.

Grab the Trial Set Here!

No code necessary. Discount already applies.

FREE US & Canadian Shipping! 

Have you ever tried any of their products? Share your thoughts in the comments below!
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