Tip | Slice Your Bar Soap into Smaller Pieces

I will admit that I’m definitely more of a body wash kinda girl… but after reading labels at my local WF’s yesterday I was disappointed to find out that most body washes contain water- which means they need a preservative! Besides that- they are also contaminated with all kinds of other NASTY chemical stuff. Ugh… YUCK! So I figured I would give good old bar soap a shot… once again.

I recently bought a bar of soap that I wasn’t sure I’d like… being the beauty AND the brains that I am- I took my biggest kitchen knife (insert evil laugh) and chop-sueyd a little chunk of it off for a trial run in the shower! Good call, because I wasn’t such a fan of that particular soap AND I can give it to my Mom, who would probably like it better.

This is a great idea for several reasons:

  1. It’s economical- it’s an automatic “Soap-Saver” by only keeping a small piece in there at a time, so it doesn’t melt away when it gets wet.
  2. Less waste- if you don’t like it, you don’t have to throw the whole thing out because it’s used! You can give the rest of the bar away to someone else who might like it- since it’s still a brand spankin’ new bar!
  3. It’s much easier to grab in the shower.
  4. Easier for travel- you don’t have to buy a separate travel bar (cha-ching!) and you don’t have to lug a gigantic bar of soap with you!
  5. If you do this on a regular basis, you can get one of those cute little crinkly/wavy- soap/veggie cutters found here! How fun???

You can cut your soap in half- or into quarters, thirds, or even small chunks perfect for the palm of your hand. Custom cut… Ha!

* Please note: You can only do this with softer types of soap like glycerin, etc. Triple Milled,  ummmm… not so much! It crumbled into a hundred million pieces! NOT my friend, Grrr! xoxo

UPDATE 11.14.10: Ok, so- I discovered that if you heat the blade of the biggest kitchen knife you own (in a pot of boiling water)… it will cleanly cut the harder/ larger bars of soap like the Triple Milled, etc. Worked like a charm, thanks Melissa!

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