3 Things I Love: NOW Foods

As an Ambassador for NOW Foods, I get to try a lot of their products, so I figured I’d share a few of the things I’m currently using & loving at the moment! You can also read about some of my long-time FAVES from NOW here!

3 Things I’m Loving from NOW Foods

  1. Vitamin E Cream 28,000 IU Intense Moisture – You’ve heard me talk about this before, but I’ve never really relied on a product as much as I have with this one, especially in the last few months! An absolute must-have! It’s currently Winter here in NJ, which of course means dry skin… but on top of that – I recently had my 8th Breast Cancer Reconstruction Surgery, which adds another layer of itchiness, & irritation to my already sensitive skin. In the past, I’ve only really used it on incisions & scars for the most part – but I’ve recently been using it from head-to-toe (including on my face, under my eyes & on my hands), & it’s made such a difference in my skin! So much so… that even though NOW sent me some of this, I actually ordered more on my own (from PureFormulas – they have FREE & Fast Shipping!) because I was running really low & couldn’t bear to be without it! And… I actually got to see them making it when I went to their HQ in Chicago last summer, which makes it even cooler! Definitely check it out!
  2. Clear The Air Essential Oil Blend – I snagged this Blend in NOW’s Seasonal Changes Balancing Essential Oil Kit – which I love, BTW! The Kit includes 4 bottles of different oils that are all really great for colds, allergies, germs, natural air purification, etc., but you can also but this one on its own! It has: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, & Rosemary Oil in it, & works really well for my Sinuses, as well as my Mom – who has COPD. When I’m not feeling well, I either diffuse it or, I add a few drops to the shower (away from the stream of water so it doesn’t wash away immediately). I currently have their Ultrasonic Glass Swirl Diffuser, but really want their NEW Ultrasonic Ceramic Stone one, because the base seems a little more narrow & I think it will fit better on my desk. I also use this daily by adding it to my Mini Himalayan Salt Stick Inhaler (FYI: I have a different brand, but this one’s similar). I like to get them without any oils added, & add my own – since I’ve purchased a few where the oils were rancid & I had to throw them out.  Keeping my Salt Stick next to the bed reminds to take a few breaths each day, & Pro-Tip – it also helps with dryness on an airplane if traveling!
  3. Coconut Water Slender Sticks – My first time trying these was on my trip to NOW in Chicago last summer, & although I don’t love the taste (yep, you read that right), I love the product! While I definitely don’t count calories, & they don’t taste like the Coconut Water I was wanting & expecting, they definitely get the job done! Last summer I did a 30-Day Detox program where electrolytes were absolutely vital, & I used these religiously, along with my usual Electrolyte Drink – Ultima Replenisher. I personally use like using both together, not only for the taste… but, I also find that I have better results, then when using either of them separately. I use these during & after Work Outs, Infrared Sauna Sessions, Coffee Enemas, & on sweltering Summer Days! While I love the little stick packets that fit perfectly into my water bottles, I wish there were an option to buy it in bigger containers as well, since I go through it so quickly!

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Have you ever tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

Caution: Essential Oils are highly concentrated & should be used with care. Dilute Essential Oils as directed, do not exceed dilutions recommended for this recipe. Pure Essential Oils can be irritating to skin. For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant/nursing.



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